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sudden food strike in BLWed 10mo

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RachaelandAgatha Fri 02-Oct-09 14:10:57

Baby Moo stopped eating breakfast two weeks ago and has now stopped eating lunch and tea too. Have tried many different foods, textures and temperatures to get her interested but now relying solely on breastmilk as often as she wants. Is this a stage babies go through or should I be looking for a medical reason?

Recently (4 weeks ago) started with childminder for 3 lots of 3 hours but has settled well and is happy there, no tears on the doorstep. Started playing "drop the food and look where it went" over the side of her highchair rather than eat, maybe she will get bored of this soon and start eating again? She's always adamantly refused spoon feeding and we have done BLW finger foods from 6 months successfully.

No other signs of illness, and she is good tempered as always. Poop is getting all runny and vinegary like it was before she started digesting solid food properly. At what point do I take her to a health visitor or doctor and ask what's going on?

ThePinkOne Fri 02-Oct-09 14:28:57

I've seen lots of people say on here that really cutting back on solids at 9/10 months is normal, especially with BLW.

I think you just need to keep offering food and milk as normal and let her choose smile

elizabethbob Tue 13-Oct-09 19:55:19

This is exactly what my 10 month DS has done. Especially the "drop the food and look where it went" game. Could drive me crazy that one!! He was ill about 10 days ago and is only just getting better and I was hoping that that was the cause of his hunger strike but I fear not....

cara2244 Wed 14-Oct-09 22:16:02

Yeah I love that game too. He dropped sucked/juiceless orange on my head today, and threw a milk-soaked mini wheat at my foot last week.

elizabethbob Thu 15-Oct-09 09:46:10

Anyone else out there who has gone through this? I am trying really hard to not get stressed about it but he's gone from having a whole weetabix and banana mushed up from a spoon for breakfast to possibly just about taking half a piece of toast despite me offering weetabix at hand wielding consistancy, pomegranite things (aitch on website said they were popular!), dried apricots and fresh fig pieces. It takes ages for him to eat, he hardly eats a thing. Yesterday tea / dinner / supper was 2 crackers.

I offered him extra milk which he didn't want so I suppose he's not hungry.

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