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My 2 yo won't sit still long enough to eat.

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smileyboy Fri 02-Oct-09 08:51:39

Weaning my ds was a pin from the beginning. I distracted him with toys or book/ tv etc to try and spoon feed sme nutrition into him. Ended up doing baby lead weaning but still with little success.

He is 2 now and still barely eats. He is very fussy, doesn't eat anything reliably. What he'll eat today, he'll reject with disgust tomorrow. He seems to eat less now then when he was first weaning.

He seems to hate to have to sit at the table but if I let him eat on the sofa he just climbs about and is too distracted.

He has 2 bottles of milk, both 7 ounces, one after breakfast and one just before bed.

He sleeps 13 hours a night so I am not sure if he's hungry or if he is then he isn't waking because of it.

This morning he ate 2 shreddies at the table then said he's finished. I am tired of making thigs a battle so just thought 'fine' and got him out the booster seat.

Any attempts at encouraging him to eat seem to result in a tantrum and I don't want food to become a battle ground.

He won't be spoon fed from us at all which would be fine if he ate himself but he just doesn't. A few spoon fulls of spag bol or a few chunks of chicken and he's done.

He seems to only want to eat meat too. He rarely eats veges of any description. He will snack on fruit and crackers but again he doesn't want to sit still for snacks, he's off playing ad eating.

I am worried I am giving him too much freedom on this whole issue but any attempts to enforce boundaries do not end well. We have tried over praising him when he does eat but it seems to have the oposite effect as he then realises how much itmeans to us and almost seems to use it against us as a power thing.

He basically has to be ignored for him to eat anything. What can I do?

smileyboy Fri 02-Oct-09 14:26:56


Rosebud05 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:47:55

Ignore him, in the nicest possible way! Most 2 year olds can't/don't want to sit still long enough to 'eat a meal'. Offer him regular meals and snacks and don't make a fuss if he does or doesn't eat. I usually serve my dd's meals on her low table so that she move around safely. Most people say that 2-3 years is the worst for refusing anything green/faddiness and it usually gets better. My dd is similar - I often take her uneaten breakfast of toast out with us so that she can eat it when she's ready. I also give her a multivit to stop myself worrying.

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