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My 10 month old will only eat sweet foods!

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Gigglymum Thu 01-Oct-09 13:17:18

My lad refuses to eat savoury food, it is getting quite distressing, he has been like this ever since he began weaning, he will throw food, smack the spoon, clench his teeth together, but the moment you give him a banana or yogurt etc he is happy. Have tried every suggestion that the health visitor has given me, boiled carrots and placed them as finger food and various other foods I have done the same with and he is having none of it. He is even messing around with formula but has tried cows milk with cereal and loves it. Am at the end of my tether, hv said to only give savoury and if he wouldnt eat it to not offer a sweet alternative, but that just seems cruel to me. Not going to starve a child into submission. Does anyone have any suggestions? He is the youngest of four and I have never experienced this before with the others, infact they would and still do eat anything and everything.

BelleWatling Thu 01-Oct-09 16:36:17

My little boy went through a 'sweet things only' phase earlier this summer - fruit, yoghurt, bread and biscuits. Does your son eat finger foods? I would put a mix of your usual sweet and savoury things onto his highchair tray or table in one sitting. Don't separate them into the main course that is 'good for you' and the pudding that is a 'treat' or reward for eating the nutritious yet dull main meal. Let him eat what he wants to eat and don't make it an issue. Don't add any sugar natch. It won't last forever and most of his nutrition will be coming from milk anyway.

Fruit, yoghurt and cereal cover all the major food groups don't they? It's not like you're only offering him Chocolate Buttons and Meringue. If you try rationing them now they will only seem more desirable and cause problems down the line.

Boiled carrots? Hmm sounds delish...I wonder why he turned his nose up. smile

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