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ok we've done veg and fruit purees now what?

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mrsflux Wed 30-Sep-09 15:56:29

we started the traditional weaning route at 17 weeks as DS is a whopper. it's been going great and he will eat a range of veg and fruit, on thier own and in combos quite happily. we're onto 3 meals a day and he's pretty happy with this, having dropped 2 of his milk feeds already.

now what?

when do i introduce dairy, meat and gluten and how?

i was going to try petit filous for pudding tonight but don't know if i'm doing the right thing.

any advice welcome!

Pinkmarshmallow Wed 30-Sep-09 16:31:10

What age is he now? I'd wait til 7 months for dairy, meat and gluten. How about some baby cereals or porridge suitable for your baby's age? Also, I'd try plain yoghurt rather than petit filous as it's healthier, has no sugar in it. You can also add some fruit puree to sweeten it.

Seona1973 Wed 30-Sep-09 16:38:35

6 months is fine for dairy, meat and gluten. In fact just about anything goes after 6 months except for honey, whole nuts, salty foods, etc

mrsflux Wed 30-Sep-09 16:38:40

he's 6 months now.
we've had the baby cereals too and the baby porridge has gluten in it (from oats) so we haven't tried that yet.

is there a reason for waiting till 7 months? (just curious)

mrsflux Wed 30-Sep-09 16:42:36

Seona1973 - is there a order/ particular way to introduce them or do you just go for it?

seems funny jumping straight in after being so careful!

Seona1973 Wed 30-Sep-09 18:51:01

I did gluten by offering toast as finger food and giving weetabix for breakfast. I gave yoghurts as pudding and used cows milk in cereal. I used chicken first and gave it along with veg in a casserole type thing. I didnt give everything on the same day but wasnt really worried about allergies as there isnt much of a family history. Both lo's also had peanut butter fairly early on too e.g. dd had it by 1 year and ds had it by 9 months.

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