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can 6 mth old survive at nursery without milk?

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Gemzooks Mon 28-Sep-09 23:17:51

DD due to start on Thurs, has never drunk more than 2 oz from a bottle. At the mo, she has:

BF around 7 am
baby porridge with cows' milk around 8.30
BF and protein lunch around 12
small BF after nap, around 3-4
supper (baby rice, EBM and fruit) at 6.30
large BF 7.30
late feed 11.30 pm

She still has a pretty good feed around lunchtime. I'm going to express at work and provide bottles for the nursery, as well as a full lunch and yoghurt for after her nap, but essentially having never properly drunk from a bottle, can she survive on just the morning and evening milk until she's more weaned? any tips much appreciated..

fruitstick Mon 28-Sep-09 23:25:13

No advice but I'm in the same situation with DS1.

I tried replacing his afternoon feed everyday in the hope that he'd take a cup but he just started making up for it by waking in the evening instead sad

EightiesChick Mon 28-Sep-09 23:34:57

Maybe try and do a couple of 2 oz bottles for her to have there? My DS has always been fine with bottles but just as he started nursery, my supply started to dwindle so it has been hard to express enough for him to take there. However he seems happy with his morning and evening breastfeeds, plus one 6 oz bottle during mid morning at nursery (plus his solids of course). Some of them do seem to manage on a lot less than others - I was imagining he would want several of these.

Gemzooks Tue 29-Sep-09 20:04:01

thanks! I will give 2 bottles plus lunch.. It's only 3 days per week so hopefully she can catch up on the other days. We're in Holland so nursery food is horrendous, sandwiches with spam, processed cheese, peanut butter and jam is the standard fare! needless to say will be taking her lunch in separately!

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