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started on purees now thoroughly fed up

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tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 28-Sep-09 20:57:07

hi, dd is nearly 7mths, started on purees at around 5 1/2 mths as she was dropping off the bottom of the weight charts.

I really wanted to do BLW, but dh managed to persuade me that we needed to get some food into her and we headed down the puree route.

She has 3 meals a day now and less milk, mostly purees but some finger food (cucumber, broccoli, apple, ricecakes with cream cheese or hummus etc). She's getting loads and loads of food into her, as we can see from her nappies.

I'm really fed up with purees now, spend time whizzing everything up, stressing and rushing (though freeze a lot and defrost as needed, this is still too much effort for lazy me!)

I want to move more towards finger foods, eventually to BLW, but I'm worried about dd not getting enough food into her after being used to eating quite a lot.

Any thoughts or tips?

piprabbit Mon 28-Sep-09 22:27:25

At 12 months my DS suddenly decided that it was NOT acceptable for mummy to spoonfeed him any more. So overnight I had to stop a lot of his sloppier meals and move on to things he could feed himself with.
The easiest thing to do is feed them chopped up versions of your own food - so when you cook a chicken and veg, put a little on a small plate, chop it up to finger size portions and see how she gets on.
Breakfast was tricky, DS has milk, sliced banana and then toast/rice cake/brioche or similar.

Luckily DS is now 16mo, and is getting the hang of spoons so things like yoghurt and porridge are making a reapperance in his diet.

Give it a try and see how your DD gets on, at 7mo she may well take to it like a duck to water.

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