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2 year old meal open cup drinking is fine but.....

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bumbly Fri 25-Sep-09 14:30:54

loves his milk and has it morning, after lunch and before bed in his baby bottle

teats now getting very chewed up as he has all teeth

however during milk times an open cup is not really suitable as he cuddles up to a book, runs around etc ...spills easily

what shall i use?

have tried a free flowing tomee tipee cup with spout on top which seems ok...but it does say "not for warm liquids" as top may pop ???

any advice for a cup that can hold warm liquids?

or am i barking up the wrong tree completely!

what do you do ???

thank you!

mejon Fri 25-Sep-09 14:44:51

DD has a beaker with a flexible (silicone?) straw that came from Tesco (own brand I think). It is free-flowing and has a flip top. I slightly warm the milk in the microwave without the top on and it is fine -never overflowed.

Both of mine went straight from boob to open cup with meals etc, but for whenever this is inconvienient they have had anyway up cups.

I'm not sure the heating thing is so much for the top popping off as the chemical content of the plastic can release something (phps? or summat) when heated and this is thought to be carcanogenic (or summat) sorry I am not too hot on the technical stuff.

Some cups are safe, lots arn't you need to research, there are lots of threads on here on it.

bumbly Fri 25-Sep-09 15:07:24

yes exactly a cup for drinking hot liquids that is free flowing and no BPAs!!!

will look up the tesco one thanks!

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