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New to BLW. The dog's going to get fat!

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SofaKingSpecial Wed 23-Sep-09 16:54:09

OK. I'll admit it. Didn't really want to go down the BLW route but . . .

Baby Sofa is reluctant to eat anything sloppy / puree. It's almost as if he doesn't trust what I'm putting in his mouth. He has to do it himself.

Now we've started it, and I'm getting a bit braver, I'm really enjoying it. The dog loves it grin

My only question is about stock cubes. I made bolognaise with baby stock cubes and quite frankly I shouldn't have bothered. Couldn't taste them. My reasoning is that as so little of the food is swallowed then he's going to be getting only a minimal amount of salt. Am I right?

What does everybody else out there do?

katechristie Wed 23-Sep-09 18:15:24

i remember posting a similar question with DS a couple of years ago - the consensus was that given you use a big pack of mince and max couple of stock cubes, by the time you portion out how much you and DP (and the dog) eat and the size of the portion DS gets, it's porbably something like a 16th or even 32nd of a stock cube, and then when you account for how much actually gets in his's probably not that dangerous.

SofaKingSpecial Thu 24-Sep-09 18:25:03

Thanks Katechristie That's what I thought.

cara2244 Thu 24-Sep-09 22:00:16

My BB handed the dog his empty yoghurt pot today and held it while the dog licked it clean, giggling the whole time...

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