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DD refusing breast, won't take formula either, eating solids

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MarianneM Tue 22-Sep-09 14:17:30

My dd (10 months)eats a good amount of solids at breakfast, lunch and dinner (doing BLW) and a few sips of water before each meal but has started to refuse breastmilk after lunch and dinner. Offered formula from a cup, won't take that either. She has breastmilk after breakfast and before bed. Is this enough milk for her? All guides say she should be drinking breastmilk or formula as a part of her meal at this stage. She has quite a bit of yoghurt though...

Bramshott Tue 22-Sep-09 14:19:49

You would probably be amazed how much breastmilk she can get in 2 feeds a day!

My DD1 gave up bf at a similar age, and never drank much formula. I just made sure she had a good lot of dairy in her diet. She also preferred cows milk, so we started her on that earlier than 12 months.

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