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what to send in nursery lunchbox for BLW 6-7mo?

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mrsbaldwin Tue 22-Sep-09 07:22:16

Does anyone else have to send lunch to nursery with their 6-7mo baby (ie doesn't yet have pincer grip)? If so, what do you put in their lunchbox?

I've been giving toast soldiers for breakfast - so didn't want to be too reliant on bread for lunch. Has to be fairly minimal amount of fuss for NNs.

Thanks very much.

littleboyblue Tue 22-Sep-09 07:36:25

Hiya. My 7mo is BLWing and when we are out and are going to be out over lunch, I take some sort of pasta dish. Normally tuna pasta just cooked with tomato puree and oregano. Can be cooked the night before, kept in fridge and then just zapped in microwave at lunch time.

BelleWatling Tue 22-Sep-09 18:14:39

Steamed baby sweetcorn and carrot sticks with humus or yoghurt dips (or roasted veg e.g. pepper, sweet potato sticks).
Home made dhal for eating with loaded spoon or dipping bread into
Baked potato
French bread spread with cream cheese (lowest salt I can find) and tomato puree.
Homemade mini pizzas or pizza breads made with tomato puree, cheese and oregano
Salt free oatcakes and ricecakes if you don't want to rely on bread
Cherry tomato halves.
Cucumber sticks (actually might have given DS these a bit later than 7 months...)
Banana / Peach / Seedless orange
Baby yoghurts (why oh why don't they do natural yoghurts in those little multipacks???)
Porridge pancakes ie porridge set in the fridge into flat solids - they love these for some reason
Boiled egg
Plus I usually add a cheeky couple of bits of organix 'junk' food e.g. tomato stars or those Plum spelt biscuits
Sticks of cheddar
I also do pureed veg as thick 'soup' as well
Avocado to be sliced.
Beef patties or home made meatballs


mrsbaldwin Wed 23-Sep-09 10:09:54

Thanks LBB and BW - very helpful.

LBB: I have bought some great big pasta shells that I think he will be able to hold, to try later today.

BW: In today's lunchbox to nursery I've sent bread soldiers spread with cream cheese, a stick of cheddar, and some banana to see how he gets on

littleboyblue Wed 23-Sep-09 12:30:20

Sounds good.
You have to be careful witrh banana though. What I've found is that when ds2 gets it on his top, if I don't clean it off right away, when the top comes out of the washing machine, the banana has caused a mould lokking stain that I can't get out!!!!!!

elkiedee Fri 25-Sep-09 00:48:26

DS2 is just a few weeks older than your ds - re pasta, tagliatelle seems to work really well and is quite easy to hold.

Cucumber sticks go down well, and are soothing I think for sore gums (C has been teething forever).

You're obviously giving wheat and if you're happy giving egg as well, is cold pancake a possibility?

If you do end up using bread for lunch, you can add food to it in finger shaped sandwiches.

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