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BLW with twins?

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1stMrsF Sun 20-Sep-09 09:23:52

Have also posted on Muliples but thought there might be more experience here - you don't have to had twins to share!

Has anyone done Baby Led Weaning with twins? I've done some reading and BLW seems to make sense to me, more so than purees. I bf on demand, so it seems to be a natural next step. However, would be it a huge undertaking with twins? Can I keep bf two on demand for perhaps another 3 - 6 months? Will the mess overwhelm us? Grateful for your thoughts on the benefits and potential problems.

The biggest challenge as far as I can see will be the grannies (bf on demand was enough of an anathema for my MIL; not spoon feeding may push her over the edge!) any tips on how to placate them?

BertieBotts Sun 20-Sep-09 10:12:58

I don't see why it would be any more difficult with twins (it might in fact be easier, the actual feeding anyway - it's mostly hands-free for you so you could feed both at once)

I actually started BLW at about 5 months as DS was desparate to join in with food, as soon as he could sit up in it (and not slump over) I let him sit in the highchair while we had our meals to join in, when he got really frustrated I would give him a bit of steamed/boiled carrot to play with, just stuck to fruit and veg until 6 months and made sure everything was really soft and not too hot.

The mess I think wouldn't be any harder to clean up after 2 than after 1. If you get a cheap shower curtain or tablecloth you can spread it on the floor and then take it outside afterwards and shake off the worst of it. Or just sweep it all up with a broom and dustpan & brush.

Grannies - well I explain that DS just has finger foods and they have been happy with it mostly, but my mum does prefer to spoonfeed the messy things like spag bol/yoghurt, etc. He likes having his yoghurt from a spoon from her and will feed himself at home. She doesn't really do much looking after though so didn't get the chance to do any spoonfeeding until after about 8 or 9 months when weaning was well established anyway.

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