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Can you freeze (the contents of) Ella's kitchen sachets?

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you Tue 15-Sep-09 12:13:19

Am beginning BLW with DD which is going suprisingly well actually (as far as I can tell on day 3 wink).

I went to buy some baby rice cakes today and was thinking about getting a couple of the Ella's Kitchen sachets for dipping bread/ rice cakes into if I'm not eating (Ramadan) or don't want her to eat what I'm having/ going out etc, but the sachets are blooming huge! Anyone know if I can freeze them into a couple of handy dipping size pots?

And while I'm here, which rice cakes do you use? I bought the cow and gate ones but are there any cheaper suitable adult versions with no added salt/ sugar etc?

TantiK Wed 16-Sep-09 21:09:18

I was on their website recently and happened to read that you can freeze the contents. As long as you do it fairly soon after opening then this is fine. They suggested putting it into ice cube trays which may make handy dipping sized portions for you!

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