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Made baby rice for DS2 5 months nearly ...

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Shell001 Sat 12-Sep-09 20:49:58

He ate all made up as directed on packet ( one teaspoon ) 20 ml water no milk as didnt have time to express today ..

They say in books on packet one or two spoons will be all they take at first ... ?

Should i keep to baby rice for just a few weeks then introduce other flavours ..

DS1 weaned slowly and cannot find book i went from ..

herbgarden Sat 12-Sep-09 21:05:54

I think my dd could take about 2 tspns (is that about a 5/10ml?) mixed into water to make sloppy at that stage.

I started with baby rice at about 5 months like you with a bit of puree at lunch (11ish) and baby rice with veg at about 5ish. I then moved on to pure veg /carb mix about 2 weeks later and then introduced some protein by 6 months. DD is now 7.5 months and she's on breakfast porridge with fruit, a protein/veggie mix lunch at 12ish and a carby type tea at 5ish...we're on 3 milk feeds a day. I cooked up some stuff pre going back to work so we're working our way through that at the moment.

As to amounts - she seems to take about 150mls of food at lunch/tea - (only know as there are measuring lines on the tupperware stuff I use - didn't realise they were there when I bought them ) - which is about 10 15ml tablespoons of food (or one of those icecube thingies).

Does that help ?

MrsJamin Mon 14-Sep-09 19:47:09

you know you don't have to do baby rice at all don't you? it's pretty tasteless stuff.

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