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BLW and allergic reaction. Advice please!

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MrsGladpuss Sat 12-Sep-09 13:45:39

DS is nearly 6 months and has been grabbing things off plates and shoving them in his mouth for about a week so we've just started offering him food from our plates.

So far he's been fine with bread, sausage, potato, broccoli, yoghurt, chocolate mousse. He only eats a very tiny bit (usually about 4 mouthfuls) but he had a bit of scrambled egg today and had an allergic reaction (all round his mouth redness with white dots).

I've read a bit of Baby-led Weaning by Rapley & Merkett which suggests egg is ok if from around 6 months (he's 6 months in about 2 weeks) but doesn't say what to do if your baby has an allergic reaction, only that they'll probably grow out of it.

Has anyone experienced this? Did it get worse? Did you see your GP? Did it just get better? And was your DC allergic to egg but not when baked in cakes for example?

There's no family history of egg allergy btw.

MrsGladpuss Sat 12-Sep-09 14:50:33


MrsGladpuss Sat 12-Sep-09 20:27:19


barbareebaa Sat 12-Sep-09 22:22:38

My ds (9 and half months)is allergic to loads of things (egg, cows milk, peanuts to name a few!!) and our first 'inkling' was an out break of hives (as you describe - red with white spots - like nettle rash) all over his face and hands after a fingertip of cornetto blush. We got him checked out and he was referred to an allergy clinic and he had skin prick tests so now we know exactly what he reacts to.
Anyway, to answer your questions I would get him checked out!! Allergies can get worse and if your ds reacts again and your worried don't hesitate to phone an ambulance. We didn't because we thought they would be annoyed to come out to a child with a 'rash' but we have since been advised by gp, paediatrician, dietician, allergy specialist that we should phone an ambulance as you don't know how it will go! Don't mean to scare but I wish I had as it was terrifying (lips swelled and eyelids).
We saw a dietician the other day because of ds's restricted diet and she said that they usually do 'challenges' - reintroduce the allergen from about 18 months to see if it still has a strong reaction.
Re: egg in cake I think the further away from it's raw state the less 'potent' the food is as cooking breaks the structure (or something - I was paying attention - honest!!) So you would think egg in a cake would cause less of a reaction than cooked egg on a plate iyswim.

hth smile

MrsGladpuss Sat 12-Sep-09 22:55:44

Oh thank you barbareebaa I was beginning to think I'd never get a reply! Probably my fault for posting in weaning, but I hoped thought it might be par for the course to have a few reactions when they try a bit of anything and everything as in BLW. Or that someone would say "Of course you don't give them egg! Not until they are at least X" but guess not.

I would have called an ambulance at the first sign of any swelling, but then I have a kiwi fruit allergy so know the consequences.

I'll take him to the GP on Monday (we were going any way as he has an eczema-like rash) and see what they say.

Good news about cake. Fingers crossed it was just a one-off or something that goes away. I read that by the age of 3 years 90% of children with an egg allergy have grown out of it. Hopefully that will be the case for your DS too.

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