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I just want to say that, despite my initial reservations, BLW is fantastic!! Problems at nursery though.

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iwouldgoouttonight Mon 07-Sep-09 10:51:23

DD is 7.5 months and I posted on here when she was about 6.5 months saying she was refusing anything on a spoon and general advice was to try BLW. I was a bit hmm about it mainly worrying about wasted food and her not eating enough (and all the mess!).

But now only a month later, she is such a fab eater! She loves mealtimes and I can't believe how much she is eating. Yesterday we had noodles with steamed veg - she loved playing with the noodles and ate quite a lot of them, and for tea a beany bake. I love watching the concentration on her face as she really carefully picks up a bean or chick pea. Sometimes she'll then drop it on the floor but more often then not she gets it into her mouth and properly chews it!

Our only problem now is trying to explain the concept to nursery (she goes two days a week). To me it now seems really easy and much more logical than pureeing, but they really don't get it! They told me another baby was doing BLW and then looked really proud of themselves when they said 'and we've managed to wean her off finger foods and she now completely spoon fed!' hmm

The nursery manager understands BLW but DD's carer doesn't. I think part of the problem is that they feed two babies at a time and have to get them all fed in a certain time so the other babies aren't left waiting around. DD likes to take her time over eating - she will sometimes play with her food for a while, so they assume she's not interested, but if they'd left her for longer she would more than likely have eaten quite a bit.

They also seem to think that if she doesn't take food from a spoon she will never learn how to use a spoon herself!!!

We're happy with the nursery in every other way - DS also goes there and we've had no problems. Just need a way of explaining in simple terms how BLW works!

thehairybabysmum Mon 07-Sep-09 11:17:25

Does it really matter how nursery feed her though as long as she is fed and happy??

They must have some finger foods though at some times, toast, fruit etc?? So surely she will get a bit of both there?

iwouldgoouttonight Mon 07-Sep-09 11:29:45

It doesn't really matter how they feed her, especially as its only two days a week. But she refuses anything from a spoon, so they give her finger foods, but because she doesn't eat them straight away they assume she's not hungry and take them away. Then when she gets home she'll have a full dinner because she's so hungry!

Maybe I should just take more milk to nursery and she can have mainly milk there so I know she's not going hungry.

thehairybabysmum Mon 07-Sep-09 13:52:42

Sorry, id missed that bit in your OP. In that case i would explain to them again...can you chat direct with her main carer if it is her who doesnt get it.

Sounds like they just need to let her sit at table for longer than usual.

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