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How much milk when you start weaning

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orka14 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:00:33

Hi! I've started weaning my daughter three weeks ago, it all went well until she started to go to nursery last week. Suddenly she seems to drink vast amounts of milk and eat tons of food!
I am not sure how much milk she needs when she also takes solids, does anybody know? When do you stop giving one of the milk feeds?
I am BF her at 6 am, she has a bottle of about 180 ml at 10 ish, vegetables (one jar of about 130 g) and another 180 ml bottle at around 1, then I BF her at 5 when I pick her up, and she has her last feed at 7 p.m. I am only giving her breastmilk and express in the morning and at lunchtime. If you follow books such as Annabel Karmel, she shouldn't actually need the bottle at lunchtime at this stage, just water and solids! I've tried today to give her some fruit with her 10 o'clock milk, and she seemed ok just with veg at lunchtime. She went until 4:30 when she wanted another feed. I don't want her to go hungry in nursery, but last week she drank 380 ml one day and 480 ml of milk the next in the daytime, and I get the impression she is either fed every time she is upset or she compensates for me not being there! And when I pick her up, she is not bothered about a feed, which doesn't help my supply...Would appreciate some opinions.

EightiesChick Sat 05-Sep-09 21:32:16

Hi Orka,
I can't really help but wanted to post as I was about to ask a very similar question. My DS is about to start nursery and I have no idea how much milk he'll need during the day. I breastfed him exlcusively for 6 months then started on solids, but as I still breastfeed I have no idea how much he actually takes. He seems to have dropped at least one feed since starting on solids - it's always been variable, as I fed on demand and don't have a strict routine. I sometimes feed on waking but also can sometimes go straight to breakfast when he gets up. Maybe, as you say, she is feeding for comfort at nursery? DS has fed more when he needs comfort for teething.

I would be interested to hear how much milk (of whatever kind) people send their DC to nursery with. My DS is 8 months old.

orka14 Sun 06-Sep-09 17:11:39

Hi EightiesChick,
I posted the same question on the weaning part of this website. Have a look, I got some replies there. I am still not convinced though. I tried not giving her milk at lunchtime this weekend, and she was absolutely fine, just seemed to take more feed at the other times I fed her. I will try sending in about 220 ml tomorrow and just solids for lunch. will tell the nursery to also give her fruit puree with her milk at ten and maybe some after lunch. I find that if I send in too much milk to nursery she doesnt feed much of me in the evening which then affects my supply.

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