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Am I giving enough milk now I have started weaning - confused?

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Warwickmum Thu 03-Sep-09 13:00:46

I have EBF my DS until 6 months (which HV did not baulk at but did suggest a number of times that I might want to start a bit before that, prob about 5.5 months as weight gain was slowing and a bit unsettled at night, but I wanted to wait as some 'gut' problems in family) and since starting the HV's have been eager for me to 'move along quite swiftly to 3 meals a day, which I have been doing for last couple of weeks, along with probably 5 BF's up until last week when they suggested giving milk when he wakes (HV came to check how I was getting on as wanted a bit of reassurance), mid morning, mid afternoon and then before bed. I have been doing this for last week and then this week HV suggested trying to leave out mid afternoon feed and offer snack instead. I am quite happy to carry on feeding but they seem to be keen to get more solids/less milk. The thing I am confused about is that I have seen a couple of threads on here that say the main source of nutrition should be their milk for the first year. I'm worried I am already swinging away from that. Should I go back to more milk feeds? DS is now 7mo and when weighed this week he was 20lb and exactly on 75th centile line, so doing well, happy active etc.

Seona1973 Thu 03-Sep-09 14:10:23

I would see what your lo wants to do. If he is still taking a good feed in the afternoon then I would keep it. As your lo increases his solids intake his milk intake will naturally start to decrease by itself so you dont have to do anything yourself. DS was bottlefed but was still on 4 day feeds till he was 9 months at which point he stopped the mid morning feed and had a snack and drink of water instead. He didnt drop the other day feed till he was 10 1/2 months old. If it doesnt feel right to you to drop the day feed then dont do it and wait till your lo loses interest in it instead.

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