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Salt in baby's diet. Help.

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suiledonn Thu 03-Sep-09 12:30:54

DD1 has a small appetite and has no interest in food and stuck to the same few favourites. DD2 is almost 10 months and loves her food. I want to encourage her to eat as much variety as possible.

I cook from scratch but I am really confused about salt intake. We are not bigs fans of salty food anyway so I don't add salt to most things when cooking but I do use stock for soups and stews.

For example, I am making a chicken stew today but I used bouillon stock cubes. Is it ok to give dd the chicken and veg cooked in the stew? Or should I do seperate and for how long?

Also things liked baked beans? I find it hard to think of things for lunch/tea whichever is the smaller meal of the day. So any ideas appreciated.


MrsJamin Thu 03-Sep-09 13:50:29

I used baby stock cubes from boots when DS was under 1, they don't contain any salt and are pretty tasty to use instead of other stock cubes. It also made me more interested in using proper herbs so I stocked up a lot more on those. You can get reduced sugar and salt beans, but those make a good tasty and healthy lunch/tea if you're pressed for time.

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