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what "stage" is next

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GirlWiththeMouseyHair Sun 30-Aug-09 13:42:53

10month old Ds has been weaned as we go along, pretty much made it up not following any books or theories. He's taken to it really well and pretty much eats everything offered. He seems to be ahead of shop-bought stages of food in terms of texture...he generally has mashed food with big lumps in and tons of finger food. He used to feed himself with a spoon but has got lazy and realised he gets it quicker if I feed him - which I don't mind.

What's the next "stage"? It seemed pretty easy to go from liquid purees to lumpy purees to mashed food, do I just keep him on this texture until he has enough teeth to chew properly? He's got two top and two bottom

ShowOfHands Sun 30-Aug-09 13:48:57

I gave dd whatever we were having from the off and she had no teeth for the first 7 months of having solids. So, stages really don't mean anything. Or there are two stages. Exclusive breast/formula and Food Too. If you're happy making it up as you go along then just share your food with him. They are very good at chewing without teeth!

pigleychez Mon 31-Aug-09 12:05:58

I Agree... My DD has just got her first tooth at 13mths and has had no trouble eating at all. She too has had our food from the begining, but we did BLW so never prueed anything anyway.

I would continue with the finger foods and just cut his food up into small bits and let him feed himself with his fingers. I always had a spoon or fork on DD's tray for her to play with\explore. DD is now 13mths and has started stabbing her own food with a fork.

Sounds like you have done well so far

GirlWiththeMouseyHair Tue 15-Sep-09 13:29:51

thanks for the replies,am back at work hence really late response! I've noticed more recently he seems to be "chewing" at the back of his gums,despite having front teeth (which I'd have assumedwould have got in the way?!)

off to buy one of those full on sleeved bibs and turn up the heating so he can eat without trousers on and leave him to it then!

At what stage/age do you normallyintroduce cutlery for them to play with?Obviously really not bothered about him using a knife and fork any time soon, just wondering if I ought to start making him use the spoon himself again?

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