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7 month old doing ok but does tend to chuck up particularly after milk feeds still......

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blueduck Sat 29-Aug-09 22:56:25

DD (my second) has always been a puker - but a happy one. She is more of the dribbling puke type than projectile - but always a good weight and a chubby lovely baby. She's always enjoyed her milk.

I started weaning her at 5/6 months. I'm not a BLW type so am going down the traditional route with DD as I did with DS and it worked fine for us. She's already fine with more textured food so I'm hopeful and will get her on more finger food soon.

DD is generally loving her food. Only thing I'm finding is that sometimes particularly after tea when she then takes her milk pre-bed, if we've not left a long enough gap after tea, she has a tendency to chuck up her milk feed and probably some of her tea. Tonight it happened again and seemed like everything came up !!...

She started nursery when I went back to work a month ago and she did have a bug for a couple of days but that was a couple of weeks ago. She has also had a permanently snotty nose (as both of mine seem to do !)

It might just be connected to her snotty nose but I find that she keeps opening up for more but just can't find that "off" button and I wonder if sometimes her eyes are bigger than her tummy?

What do I do to get the balance right (oh and the food she's had when chucked up is not a "new" food IYSWIM)? If she's hungry I don't want to deny her but also don't want her to go through that. We had to get back in the bath again tonight. DS was just not a puker....all new territory for me. Maybe she'll just grow out of it?

WobblyPig Sat 29-Aug-09 23:19:04

have you introduced dairy or wheat recently?

blueduck Sun 30-Aug-09 08:36:38

Um, not particularly recently. There was cows milk in her pasta dinner last night and she has Organix Porridge for breakfast (that's not gluten free). But there was cows milk in the pasta before and that's not happened...
Strange ? or would an intolerance not happen all the time?

Hannahsian Mon 31-Aug-09 21:24:31

I don't know if this helps to know or not, but it sounds like she is still just working her way through the whole growth/ puky thing. My daughter turns 8 months tomorrow, she has always been a puky baby - projectile, the lot! I was always told that this would stop once she could sit up (it didn't), then when she went onto solids (nope!). She isn't half as bad as she used to be, but still has her moments and likely to chuck back at least one feed a day. I have to keep her feeds well spread out - at least 4 hours between feeds. If her tummy isn't empty some will come back. She's worse when lying on her tummy too as of course it puts more pressure on her stomach. She does seem to go through stages with say 3 weeks doing really well, then another 3 being quite sicky. I think it is just how their tummys grow. Maybe the stomach isn't quite in sinc with the rest of their body so there are a few dodgy weeks while it grows and catches up. Always seem to work like this with my little girl anyway. I wouldn't worry. They do grow out of it! It will steadily get better as they get older, just have to bear with it in the meantime. So long as she is gaining weight ok and happy in herself (most important) just keep up what you are doing and keep those wet wipes handy (plus the carpet cleaner/ endless spare clothes etc...!). Sorry for the ramble but sometimes it helps to know there are other babies out there similar. I know quite a few that are a bit leaky like this. Hope she isn't a picky eater too - mine is!....nightmare when I finally find something she will eat (having gone through 2-3 meal choices), then she chucks it back again! smile

blueduck Tue 01-Sep-09 22:05:20

Thanks Hannah....that's really helpful. She's actually a good eater (they all have their phases though so I'm sure there's one just round the corner grin but that's also her downfall as she doesn't have an off button which makes her continue to open her mouth. I find the worst scenario is solids followed too quickly by too much milk. Or food which is too sloppy (runny soupy things - the thicker the better). It's also quite bad after nursery when she's had tea at 3.30pm but not particularly filling and i then try to fill her up before bed and give her her milk - tonight I gave her some tea....then an hour later a couple of ounces of milk and then just before she went down a couple more ounces - all on a towel !! I think she's chucked up on most bits of our carpet by now. I tend to feed her where it's easy to mop up (ie not on the sofa or the duvet !!) just learn don't you.

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