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Is this enough

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gettingabitnervousnow Thu 27-Aug-09 23:04:08

I'm really sorry, I am just so clueless about weaning, I feel like I am making such a mess of things.

DS is 6 months and I have started weaning but its not going great to be honest.

I have the AK book and have tried lots of different combinations but he just doesn't seem to be interested in anything savoury - he will simply clamp his mouth shut and he looks at me as if I am trying to poison him! I have tried him with a couple of jars in case it was my cooking he objected to but no luck there either.

He does seem to like fruit purees and yoghurts and will chew on a bit of banana, ticks of cheese, risecake etc

On a typical day he now probably has

Breakfast - 1x weetabix with milk (probably eats just under half)

Lunch - I normally just give finger foods, eg a slice of bread with cream cheese cut into fingers. He will pick this up and put to his mouth, I'm not sure much goes in though. He sometimes then has a fruitpot.

Tea - the ONLY thing he will eat is Ella kitchen stage one purees. I think he likes them because they are mostly about 70% fruit.

Just have a few questions:

(1)Do you think what he is eating at the moment is adequate?

(2) Do you I should just let him eat what he likes at the moment or am I just encouraging him not to like savoury foods?

(3) Would reducing his milk encourage him to eat more? At present he is b/f first and last thing so I don't know how much he has then, but during his 2 day formula feeds he has 8-9oz.

Sorry its so long, I'm just getting quite anxious about it all . I feels sucha bad mum everytime I get a packet of Ellas kitchen food out...

gettingabitnervousnow Thu 27-Aug-09 23:05:50

OMG I should have previewd - that should of course read 'sticks of cheese and ricecakes' blush

Dysgu Thu 27-Aug-09 23:36:45

I would say - don't worry about it.

Until they are one -food is just for fun and milk/formula is still really the most important thing.

DD1 was a puree baby and we did everything by the book and so many Sundays were taken up steaming, mushing, freezing......... and then she had Plum stuff and Ella's kitchen stuff too.

DD2 is a BLW baby. She gets what we are having and some of it goes in and lots of it goes on the floor, in the bib, in her seat.....

They were both premature babies and neither is wasting away!

I know it is hard but do try to relax - my nephew hardly ate any solids other than pouches and pots of mush until he was nearly 2, took ages to get him to eat real food. He would happily have lived on milk. He is now a fabulous eater - aged 2.6yo and just eats what he needs and then stops.

A healthy baby will not starve if offered food.

gettingabitnervousnow Tue 01-Sep-09 12:09:37

Thank you so much. Think you are absolutely right and I just need to chill a bit.

He certainly doesn't look like is wasting away anyway!

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