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7 month old with terrible wind

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Shanster Thu 27-Aug-09 01:47:02

I started my 7 month old on solids about 6 weeks ago (when she turned 6 months). She has not been terribly interested, and never had more than 2 tbsp of solids a day. About two weeks ago she started waking up at night screaming, then she'd fart/fill her nappy and go back to sleep. This got progressively worse and this weekend I thought I'd cut out solids for a few days...the wind stopped for a few days, but was back last night. She is a breastfeed baby and has not had problems with my milk since she was really little. I don't know what could be causing this; I took her to the doctor who said she looked healthy enough and just ordered some stool tests. Should I reintroduce solids, and if so, what is a safe food which won't make her tummy worse? I had been feeding her baby rice, pureed sweet potato, apple, banana (not all at once). What can I try?

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