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OK to give 8mo normal wholegrain rice or should I stick to baby rice?

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mumtojohn Wed 26-Aug-09 21:50:13

You seem to hear about baby rice only in the context of stage one weaning, but I want to give my baby my veggie chilli and rice and wonder whether to stick to baby rice or to give him adult rice instead now he is a bit older. Or is it just the same (baby rice just being more mashed up)? Thanks if you can help!

MiniMarmite Wed 26-Aug-09 22:18:42

Adult rice should be fine smile

colditz Wed 26-Aug-09 22:24:03

I wouldn'tgive braown rice as a rule, but a one off should be fine

mumtojohn Wed 26-Aug-09 22:36:42

Thanks both. Out of interest colditz, why would you not give brown rice? I happy to continue with baby rice if it is the better option for the little one.

MiniMarmite Wed 26-Aug-09 23:02:55

I think non-wholemeal foods are recommended for younger children:

"Don’t give your baby high-fibre versions of foods, especially those with added bran. It stops babies from absorbing important minerals such as calcium and iron. It’s better not to give your baby brown rice, wholemeal pasta or bran-enriched breakfast cereals until they are older, although you can give some brown bread."

MiniMarmite Wed 26-Aug-09 23:03:34

i.e. white rice considered suitable for an 8 month old.

mumtojohn Thu 27-Aug-09 07:10:57

Thanks MiniMarmite. I will stick to baby rice.

Seona1973 Thu 27-Aug-09 19:43:06

dont need to use baby rice, just use normal white rice (as opposed to the wholemeal rice)

mumtojohn Thu 27-Aug-09 20:45:10

Oh I see! I just re-read all this and yes, MiniMarmite clearly saying white (adult) rice is OK. Thanks all.

GirlWiththeMouseyHair Sun 30-Aug-09 13:34:04

just make sure if you reheat you reheat to piping hot then allow to cool - even adults get food poisoning from rice not reheated properly

ShowOfHands Sun 30-Aug-09 13:38:29

At 8mo, bar the obvious like honey and salt, your baby can eat whatever you eat but wholegrains/fibre rich foods not recommended. Perhaps use your leftover baby rice to hang any wallpaper you have lying about the place. wink

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