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How you cope with a DC's milk allergy?

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DamnHisEyes Wed 26-Aug-09 01:44:39

Feckity feck. Just-6mo DD has broken out in hives on her face each time I've given her: baby cereal with follow-on milk, yoghurt, fromage frais, and er let her lick my spoon after I ate the ice-cream on it. Starting to reckon she is allergic to milk.

Has anyone had similar experience? Have I just introduced cow's milk too early? And does this mean I am doomed to BF her (AAAAAAAH) until she's a year old with fingers crossed she'll outgrow it then (no history of it in the family)?

bigbluewhale Wed 26-Aug-09 02:26:42

Hi DamnHisEyes

My DD2 has a milk and egg allergy which we discovered at 5 months after i gave her formula for the 2nd time - she came out in a rash on her face and neck and her lips swelled up. She had blood tests which showed she was also allergic to eggs. Fortunately i was still breast feeding her so could continue because the non cows milk formulas are absolutely boggin'! DD2 just wouldn't drink them. i then committed the ultimate crime and accidentally fed her weetabix with cows milk ( I am useless in the mornings!) just before her 1st birthday and we ended up in hospital because she had an anaphylactic reaction - not nice.

It does sound like your DD is allergic to milk - have you been to your Gp yet? They will probably refer her to a dietician so you can get some sound advice on how to deal with it. It is a bit scary at first - you suddenly realise dairy products seem to be in everything! But there are lots of non dairy alternatives now - yoghurts, chocolate, puddings, margarine (vitalite!) etc.

I was told i could give DD soya milk from 6 months as long as it wasn't her main drink so I Bf till she was 1. She was also supposed to have vitamin drops but she threw up when i tried to give her it so gave up in the end. I increased the fat content of her food by putting a spoonful of non dairy marg or a spoonful of oil into her meals. Hoummous was also a life saver!

She is now 4 and although she hasn't completely grown out of it she is alot better. We don't carry an epipen with us now because she won't have a really bad reaction now - she just gets a bit 'hayfeverish'. Most children grow out of it by the time they are 5.

Products I found most useful are houmous (tho watch salt content) , oatly - an oat milk drink which is great for making white sauces as soya milk tastes odd in cooking IMO, party ring biscuits and Mr Kipling jam tarts for treats. Sainsburys unsweetened soya milk tastes most like normal milk IMO. Alpro do lots of products which help them to feel they are not missing out entirely. Also Organix goodies do quite a few snacks which are milk free - alot of the other baby snacks have milk in.

You may find that your DD can have food that has cooked milk in as the protein has been denatured - that will make things much easier.

The internet is a good source of recipes.

Sorry this has been a bit long winded but hope it helps and that i haven't bombarded you with too much information - some of it may not be necessary!

Do you have family history of asthma, exzema or hayfever as apparently that can predispose to food allergies - i have all 3

All the best - you get used to it and dealing with it becomes second nature after a while.

DamnHisEyes Thu 27-Aug-09 01:36:00

Gosh thanks very much BBW! I think will definitely take her to the GP - her reaction to the cereal was a bit alarming considering she hadn't had very much - a teaspoonful at most - though touch wood so far haven't seen any signs of swelling of lips, just the hives. Argh this may make going back to work in a month's time a bit more difficult than I thought though as will have to express like a cow ... grrr

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