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Need to fatten 9mo up!

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makedoandmend Tue 25-Aug-09 19:58:42

My dd's weight has stalled (15lb 10) for two months and HV suggested introducing more fat into her diet.

She has full fat milk with her weetabix in the morning plus a large size (90g) baby fromage frais, plus two course meals for dinner and tea. She's not great at finger food so I'm going slowly with that but would really appreciate any ideas for good snacks I can give her which will help her put weight on. The only thing that HV suggested was buying adult clotted cream yoghurt and buttered toast.

Littlefish Tue 25-Aug-09 20:27:37

Avocados are great for fat. You could just mash it and give it to her.

oopsacoconut Tue 25-Aug-09 20:31:58

My DD was only 14lb at 9 months and is now 17.5lbs at her 1st birthday. My HV suggested using Jersey gold top milk for her breakfast and cream in her puddings.

thisisyesterday Tue 25-Aug-09 20:35:10

why does she need fattening? maybe that's just the weight she is supposed to be

and bear in mind that scales can be wrong, and tghen factor in that they were prob diff scales too and she may actually have gained weight

i would not be giving buttery toast and clotted cream yoghurtsd.
if you do want to tryt and make her put on weight then offer more milk or make sure you[re giving good fats n her diet

pigleychez Tue 25-Aug-09 20:36:41

I had to do the same with my DD.

HV suggested giving her a high calorie diet..

Full fat milk, Real butter on toast/bread and fry her food in olive oil.

To be honest i didnt go too mad as i dont think there is anything wrong with DD.... shes slim and below average weight but in no way poorly!- Shes a lively, active 13mth old running around like a looney! Think shes just destined to be slim. (unlike her mummy!)

Puddlet Tue 25-Aug-09 20:41:29

I give my dd (16 mo) lots of full fat dairy products - she tends to only eat small amounts so I try to make sure that what she does eat has a decent amount of calories in. I do things like pasta with cream cheese, pesto and grated cheese on top for lunch and she has real butter on her toast at breakfast time. If I make her pasta I have it too, but with a vegetable based sauce as I'm not trying to put on weight!

makedoandmend Tue 25-Aug-09 22:36:24

thisisyesterday: I'm giving five bfs a day. Do you mean ff? or cows milk?

Thanks everyone - she seems very happy with nice chubby arms and legs, but is a bag of bones in her torso. She may be just very slight (like my sister - unfortunately not like me). I'm thinking of giving her a bottle of formula (well getting the CM to give her it as she won't take it from me) to see if that helps.

oopsacoconut Wed 26-Aug-09 08:12:46

Makedo - a bottle of formula has made no effect on DD's weight gain. My DD is also chubby in the arms and especially thighs, but skinny little body. She is happy, meeting her milestones and cheeky as anything.

steaknife Wed 26-Aug-09 08:24:12

makedo - I had similar comments from our Dr for DD. She is 12 months now and Dr was on at me from about 6 months to fatten her up.

She was still gaining weight but had slowed. I tried adding an extra snack at tea time but with not much success and only more stress for me.

As someone pointed out to me, if you offer high cal food then she will just eat less of it to get the same intake. Or more of one thing and less of another.

In the end I just carried on bfing and offering her food. Her appetite has always been variable but just recently she has finally discovered her appetite.

I just figured if I was bfing then if she didn't want solids she would take more milk from me.

It is hard not to feel pressured by others and remain confident in your judgement.

seeker Wed 26-Aug-09 08:27:06

Is she cheerful and energetic?

Is she peeing and pooing?

Does she look pink and healthy?

Is she meeting her milestones?

If so, then I suggest you stop getting her weighed!

makedoandmend Wed 26-Aug-09 16:38:05

Thanks all.

seeker - she's all of those things apart from pink (she's a bit yellow at the mo - apparently too much beta carotene). But she seems very happy. She eats like a horse - I can only guess she's just burning it up!

seeker Wed 26-Aug-09 17:40:10

Sounds like she is a natural skinnigallee.I always seems strange to me when people are advised to pile saturated days into a baby as if being plump was an end in itself. surely that can't be good doe developing cardio vascular systems? I would carry on with whatever you're doing- it sounds fine

boogeek Wed 26-Aug-09 17:43:00

I had this with DD1 - HV suggested I add double cream to her meals! I never went back grin. If she's happy, healthy and lively and you have no concerns then what does it matter whether she is fat?

theDMplagiarisedLeonie Wed 26-Aug-09 17:44:24

Message withdrawn

makedoandmend Wed 26-Aug-09 20:54:41

Thanks theDMplagiarisedLeoni - I'm reading through that now - it prompted me to go and seek out the new WHO charts and it's made me feel a lot better - on my chart she's between the 2nd and 9th centile and on the new charts she's between the 9th and 25th!

seeker - I feel exactly as you do on the whole saturated fat thing - I think I'm giving her what she needs and to give lots more just doesn't sit right.

theDMplagiarisedLeonie Wed 26-Aug-09 21:58:24

Message withdrawn

Rhian82 Thu 27-Aug-09 14:27:54

My DS was born on the 25th, but has been on the 9th since about six months (he's now ten months). HV and nurse have been fine with it though - last time I had him weighed the children's nurse said that his behaviour (chatty, alert, trying to get mobile) showed he was getting enough. I'm pretty skinny and so are both my parents, so I think he's just taking after us and destined to be small.

mumtojohn Thu 27-Aug-09 18:19:52

Just to add my two penneth.....

My HV chided me when DS was 7 months as he had slightly slipped off his 25th line. She told me to make sure there are plenty of carbs in every meal, without fail. He is now 8 months and it really worked (back on the line, even slightly above).

It seems like she was stating the bleeding obvious now (and you may already be doing this and I was just super slow on the uptake)but at the time, alot of the recipes I had been following (e.g. Annabel Karmel) and the supplementary shop-bought stuff I was giving him (Ella's Kitchen, Organix etc)had only a small amount of carbs (a bit of potato, e.g.), so I add pasta, potato, bread or couscous to every meal now. I really worked and I didn't feel like I was giving him loads of lardy stuff.

Rhian82 Thu 27-Aug-09 19:31:45

The main thing I feel confident making for DS is jacket potato and pesto, so he has most-of-a-small-potato at least four times a week!

mumtojohn Thu 27-Aug-09 20:51:13

Rhian82, do you make the pesto yourself or use shop stuff? It sounds like a good idea and hasn't occurred to me before (despite fact that I love pesto). I have been bunging baked beans recently (you can get low salt ones) in the blender with some mash potato and DS loves it. Always brill when you discover something they like that is also cheap and easy to do eh .

Rhian82 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:09:38

Absolutely - I'm completely useless in the kitchen, and DS gets upset if he's not getting constant attention so I can't do anything that takes time!

I use shop bought pesto, you have to be wary of salt levels but as long as you're not piling it on or giving it every meal I think it's okay. A book I read recommended it as a way to introduce strong flavours and he loves it.

steaknife Fri 28-Aug-09 14:28:07

I just discovered pesto for DD - I don't usually buy it myself we were staying with my mum.
I do pasta, pesto and grate in cheese.
I also grate courgette and tomato into a small pan and cook in a bit of olive oil and add that too. A good way to get some veg going on if they are veg resistant

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