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Best way to tackle people nagging me to wean early?

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JennyPenny22 Sun 23-Aug-09 02:30:18

DD is just turning 4 months and already have family asking about when I am going to wean. They think the whole 6 month thing is mad and have never heard of BLW.

I really want to do it - wait till 6 months ish and do BLW.

Other than telling them to mind their own bussiness, whats the best way to sort this? Don't want to cause arguments over it. Don't see that DD2 is anywhere near ready to wean and isn't quite sitting up yet.

Mumcentreplus Sun 23-Aug-09 02:34:52

Tell them you've got your plans and you don't want to discuss it anymore...I'm a master of 'Ignore'..when they start speaking about it I would just pretend they aren't saying anything and start a new conversationgrin

JennyPenny22 Sun 23-Aug-09 02:38:09

Lol grin

nappyaddict Sun 23-Aug-09 03:21:58

Say it's because you are lazy. Then they won't get so defensive because they won't feel like you are criticising their own choices.

moondog Sun 23-Aug-09 06:42:24

mile and say 'Interesting., I'll bear it in mind.
However I indeed do think you should tellthem to 'Snout out'.

BonsoirAnna Sun 23-Aug-09 07:41:18

Just ignore them.

LadyStealthPolarBear Sun 23-Aug-09 07:44:08

YOu can tell them that's the way it's done now and you have the support of your HV (whether that's true or not )

cara2244 Sun 23-Aug-09 21:03:33

Most people seem to think 6 months is mad. Stick to your guns, it is so much easier. I started at 4 months as I felt under pressure to get him to sleep through the night (didn't work), then ended up stopping and starting again close to 6 months.

I just used to change the subject if hassled by relatives!

BertieBotts Sun 23-Aug-09 21:06:31

I just used the line "Oh well I know they used to recommend 4 months but they say 6 months now and I'd really rather stick to the latest guidelines"

My mum did ask me if I thought she had put me and my sister at risk by weaning us earlier But I truthfully answered no, she did the best thing she could with the information she had at the time. The science may not be right yet (we don't know) but we do know it is more accurate every time they discover something new so it makes sense to follow the latest guidelines IMO.

Mybox Sun 23-Aug-09 21:08:11

Tell them everything is fine & your doc tells you to bf until 6 months until you start blw.

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