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Help! DS won't eat.

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Jack2601 Sat 22-Aug-09 13:27:25

DS is coming up to 7mths, we weaned when he was about 5.5mths. We weaned early on advice, he was prem (7 weeks early) and was an horrendous milk drinker - eg, 2/3oz and that was him done at nearly every feed!!
Weaning initially went brilliantly, he was soon having 3 meals a day and puddings, and his milk feeds actually improved. We dropped the 10.30 DF last week as he'd started to refuse morning bottle and breakfast, and he was then refusing his 11am bottle. Since dropping DF he has had more milk at 7am and 11am. However, over the past few days he is pretty much refusing all meals, clamps his lips together and that's your lot. I have tried EVERYTHING, persevering, offering different foods, offering jars (purees), homecooked food (purees), sweet stuff, savoury stuff, feeding straight after his bottle, waiting an hour, giving him a spoon to do it himself.......... you name it I've tried it! He's refusing foods that he previously threw down his neck because he loved them, we've tried offering finger food but doesn't want to know..... I'm at a total loss.
This is our routine
7am bottle 4-5oz
8am cereal/fruit (if he takes any)
11am bottle 4-5oz
12noon lunch (as above)
3pm 5oz
5pm tea (again, as above)
7pm 4-6oz.

When he was having just milk and that was going badly I always had the hope that he'd eat better once we weaned, now I don't know what to do. I really don't want to drop his 11am bottle in the hope that he'll eat more during the day because he'd hardly have anything, although milk feeds have improved you can see that they aren't great. Please help.

ThePinkOne Sat 22-Aug-09 13:45:23

He could be off his food cause he's teething. When DD was off her food for a few days I started to do a food diary. You might find that it evens out over a few days and doesn't look so bad. And it'll give you something to focus on! Also if you do decide to take it further and speak to the HV or doctor, you'll have a real view of exactly what he's eating.

Jack2601 Sat 22-Aug-09 16:08:27

Bump, anyone else. I was wondering whether it was teething, but am also open to advice/suggestion/tips if not.

OhSheesh Sun 23-Aug-09 19:10:58

My LO went right off his food when he was teething. This has happened twice at 7 and 10 months so I am sure you are experiencing the same.

I found finger foods helped, esp things he could chew on like bread, rice cakes, apple, cucumber, melon and the Organix baked corn snacks. You can spread the bread/rice cakes with hoummus or other purees. It's also best to keep the milk feeds coming.

OhSheesh Sun 23-Aug-09 19:22:12

Meant to say keep everything coming, but esp the milk as it is still meant to be main source of nutrition until 12 months. Remember it will get better, even though it is very dispiriting when they won't eat. Also don't be afraid to ask for lots of support from your HV - it sounds like you need it! HTH

OhSheesh Sun 23-Aug-09 19:24:38

Sorry, brain like a sieve. Also meant to say that often nothing would work, even the finger foods, but we got through it and his food intake has is on the up again. (Really need more sleep)

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