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Is cheese spread ok for my 6 month old??

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milkysmum Fri 21-Aug-09 20:32:12

Is it ok for my 6 month old DD to have cheese spread on toast? We are doing BLW and she can manage most things really well. She is in nursery 3 days a week and they have asked if I want them to offer cheese spread on toast/ rice cakes when she is there. She eats a pretty varied diet at home, lots of fruit and veg so would the cheese spread be ok? Worried it might be a tad salty?

thisisyesterday Fri 21-Aug-09 20:37:31

it wouldn;t be my first choice, as you say, salt levels might be a bit high, although i guess no worse than regular cheese?
i tend to steer clear of processed foods in general though

we used to use those pouches of fruit/veg puree on toast for ds2, which went down well

that said i don;t think that cheese spread would b e harmful per se, once a week or so

ThePinkOne Fri 21-Aug-09 20:39:40

Depends whether it's philly type or dairylea. Dairylea is full of added stuff, philly isn't. But as you say it's not going to be a huge amount so it's up to you.

cara2244 Fri 21-Aug-09 20:46:37

We use Philidelphia as it's 1% salt so lower than most cheeses. Standard cheddar is closer to 2%. I tend to spread it thinly on toast instead of marg or butter.

milkysmum Fri 21-Aug-09 20:54:43

We have the philly type at home but I think they use the dairylea at nursery.

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