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Weaning - why do I bother

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lobsters Wed 19-Aug-09 10:02:17

I think I just need a kick up the a*se. DD is almost 8 months and I'm finding weaning hardwork and unrewarding. DD really isn't interested in food, I'm sure if I wasn't weaning she wouldn't mind. I've done BLW, purrees with loaded spoons and spoon feeding, but whatever I do she eats very little. The vast majority of food ends up on her face/ in her hair/ on her eyelashes/ down her legs/ rubbed into the high chair/ on the floor/ on the walls.

Any tips on how to reduce the chaos? I saw a friend feeding her baby the other day, she got a tiny spot on her chin and my friend commented on all the mess she was making.

Anything else I can do to make it more fun for me?

theDMplagiarisedLeonie Wed 19-Aug-09 10:06:15

Message withdrawn

gingerbunny Wed 19-Aug-09 10:15:33

relax, you're baby will pick up on it and she's think feeding is a stressful time not a fun one.
what does it matter if there's a mess? everything cleans and washes, it's part of learning all part of the fun.
are you still giving her a bottle? if she's having too much liquid she won't want to eat as much.

Louby3000 Wed 19-Aug-09 10:21:45

We are having a weaning nightmare at the moment too, the mess is stressful. Put some newspaper on the floor under the high chair and then you can just fold up the mess and dump it. I feed DS in his nappy for dinner so it is messy feed, quick swipe with a facecoth, play then bath time anyway.
I feed DS once through the night, offer water if he wakes more. This has taken afew rough nights. He has 2-3 milk feeds in the day. He was eating brilliantly until a week ago and now he crys. I have tried rubbing calgel on his teeth/gums 20mins before he eats too. Maybe try that.
Look forward to hearing other advice!

SummerLightning Thu 27-Aug-09 11:28:05

similar for me, it's a pain in the bum isn't it? I had a big stress out seeing friends' babies all eating enthusiastically and tidily.
My advice would be to take it easy, offer finger foods so they can have fun with it even if they don't eat much, try not to worry about the mess, and try them on lots of food but if they won't eat it don't worry about it.
i also had a big stress out when a friend told me that her 1 month younger DS was eating 10 ice cubes of food every meal. Then I went round her house and saw the worlds SMALLEST icecube tray. Which made me laugh and reminded me to not compare and just take it easy.
My DS is also 8 months by the way and I reckon if I didn't give him solids he also wouldn't care. You are right it is a bit dispiriting but I am sure evenutally they will get the hang of it!

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