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Can you help me with vegetarian BLW food ideas?

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iwouldgoouttonight Sun 16-Aug-09 21:53:48

This is what DD has 'eaten' the last couple of days:

Breakfast: banana
Lunch: pitta bread, cheese, green beans
Tea: sticks of potato, sweet potato, brocolli

Breakfast: Weetabix (softened with drop of milk)
Lunch: egg mayonnaise sandwiches
Tea: pasta with tomato sauce

Breakfast: kiwi fruit and bread sticks
Lunch: cheese on toast
Tea: spanish omelette

She is nearly seven months old and seems to be really enjoying playing with the food and has definitely eaten some (although more is on the floor!). I'm a bit stuck for more things she can eat, especially for lunch (everything seems to be a bit bready at the minute - I struggle for lunch ideas for everyone else too!).

Other meals we normally have tend to have small things in them that she won't be able to pick up, for example, chilli with rice, lentils, beans, cous cous. She can sort of pick up things the size of beans and raisins but then she either can't get them from her palm into her mouth or she drops them.

And other things we often eat she is too young to eat, e.g. nut roast, veggie sausages (too salty and processed?), curries, etc.

Any ideas??

HaggisNeepsnTatties Sun 16-Aug-09 21:57:14

Pasta? (Big shapes)
Asparagus (great for holding)
Eggy bread
Wraps with melted cheese

Tbh dd2 was eating a roast dinner at this age. All cooked without salt and just placed in front of her. Was messy but she soon got the hang of it!!

MummyElk Sun 16-Aug-09 22:03:39

gnocchi... check she's good at things of a similar size but my dd loved it at this age.
grilled haloumi in finger sized pieces?
chick pea burgers

sounds like she's getting a pretty good variety anyway...
try messy things like couscous - she will be able to pick it up, believe me, if she likes it, it'll go in!! you could always provide something like houmous to glue it all together for her

babyOcho Sun 16-Aug-09 22:07:18

omelette, lentil croquettes, lentil wedges (DD loves them), this kuku thing is delicious.

iwouldgoouttonight Sun 16-Aug-09 22:12:05

Ooh, lentil wedges sound good, as do chick pea burgers. I want her to have lentils and chick peas to make sure she's getting iron and protein but my (very tired) brain hadn't worked out that you could make them into something finger sized!

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