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weaning at 17 weeks?

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bellabanana Sat 15-Aug-09 13:38:37

Hi super-mums, wondering if anyone has any nuggets of wisdom?
DD is 16 weeks + 4 days and has previously been sleeping 12 hours through the night (although I still have to get up once to express). The last few nights she has been waking twice and taking a full, if sleepy feed and I believe this can be one of the main signs to watch for when babies are maybe after something a bit more substantial.
Did try her on a bit of baby rice last night which she loved and ate really well, also making me think she is ready, but she did still wake twice again for feeding.

Now obviously I know it won't be instantaneous that she starts sleeping through again, but do I give her the rice just once a day? Try veggies already? Not really sure what to do, I would happily get up with her and feed whenever she needs but am having to return to work soon, worse luck and know I will be like a zombie.
She is also drooling a lot, stuffing her hands and toys into her mouth, watching us eat. Could it be teething even?
Any advice gratefully received

tiktok Sat 15-Aug-09 13:47:45

Doesn't sound as if she actually needs solids, bella....if she appears hungry, first thing to try with a baby as young as this would normally be extra milk. What do you think?

bellabanana Sat 15-Aug-09 13:55:54

Extra breast milk? I'm loathe to give her formula as BF is going well. She doesn't seem to feed amy more frequently during the day although will now quite often take the second breast. This is a new development.
Also sometimes although I can feel there is still milk in there she will refuse the breast she has been feeding on after 5 mins suckling, but will take happily from the other side?
Strange eh?

PrincessToadstool Sat 15-Aug-09 14:01:33

Hi Bella, I'd agree it doesn't sound like she needs solids, just more milk... baby rice is really low in calories and won't do much to fill her up. It's great that she was sleeping for 12 hours but it's also normal for a breastfed baby of this age to wake a few times, my DS did for much, much longer (ah memories!)

When are you back at work? I co-slept which made it easier when I went back but of course it's not for everyone.

If I were you I would just breastfeed as often as she wants, as many sides as she wants

Jojay Sat 15-Aug-09 14:12:16

I wouldn't give solids at this age. It's perfectly normal for babies to start waking at night after a period of sleeping through - frustrating but true.

The DoH weaning leaflet specifically states that night waking is NOT a reason to start solids - ask your HV for a copy. Solids are about nutrition, not sleep, after all.

Real signs of being ready for solids are being able to sit up unsupported, loss of the tongue thrust reflex, and developnig the hand eye co-ordination to pick food up and put in in her mouth.

If she can't do those things yet, I'd leave it, and just accept that she may want a few more milk feeds for the next few weeks.

bellabanana Sat 15-Aug-09 16:58:30

Thanks very much for your advice ladies.

I think you may be onto something. DH also pointed out that I may not be eating properly, which has happened before. Here comes the guilt again! Will continue with the milk feeds as much as she needs, and park the bowls and spoons for now. She is a very healthy weight so it has obviously worked for us both thus far.

thanks again :-)

Jojay Sat 15-Aug-09 20:45:59

Don't feel guilty about your diet Bellabanana - you have to be seriously malnourished for it to have any effect on your breast milk. ( I think....)

ThePinkOne Sat 15-Aug-09 20:53:32

Around 4 months is a classic time for a growth spurt. You'll find loads of info about it on MN! Milk, milk and more milk is the way to go!

I'd also agree with the possibility of teething although probably not with teeth coming any time soon. Both of mine have drooled and chomped on toys/hands/anything from about 3 months and DD's first tooth came at 6 months (DS is nearly 6 months and teeth yet to arrive!)

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