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in a bit of a muddle, advice please!

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drivingmisscrazy Thu 13-Aug-09 19:37:45

DD is nearly 7 mo and we have been doing BLW (loosely interpreted) for about the last month. But I'm a bit worried that she's not getting enough milk/calories. She was ebf until 5.5 - supply was never superabundant and now supplement with formula (which she is less than keen to drink - better with cup than bottle tho). Our routine looks like this:

7ish breastfeed
9ish porridge + fruit + 60mls formula
11.30 breastfeed
1ish lunch (so veg, fruit, avocado, ricecakes etc), 90mls formula
3.30 120mls formula (sometimes only drinks about 1/2)
5 tea + 90mls formula
7 breastfeed

we're still on at least one nightfeed too.

Should we consolidate those ff? she's never drunk more than 120mls in one go - thinking of moving up to a number 3 teat to see if that helps. And should we offer the milk feed BEFORE her food? SHe might only be taking a little because she is full? She was having a breastfeed about 2pm, but increasingly wasn't interested in it.

Do you think this is OK? Feel a bit like we are making it up as we go along and some reassurance/advice would be good

Rebecca1971 Thu 13-Aug-09 21:43:49

I am roughly at the same stage with my son and your schedule looks very familiar to me! It looks as though your daughter may still get quite a bit of milk from you, which may be why she does not take that much formula...
When I was exclusively breastfeeding and was worried that he did not get much milk I weighed him before and after a feed and he actuallt drank about 120g. This made me feel better, so maybe you could try that?

I always offer the milk after he has had the solids although this doesn't work when he is too ravenous to eat the solids (it's all still new and cumbersome - milk satisfies the hunger quicker!). If he is very hungry then I give him a bit of milk and then solids and finsih off with the rest of milk... Does this help? Otherwise maybe best to speak to your health visitor.

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