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please help me - I know I'm being daft but I really need some advice

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eggybrokenoff Thu 13-Aug-09 13:43:23

I really need some advice. have posted before but I am now getting so worried about weaning I'm getting upset at mealtimes which isn't helping anyone

I EBF for nearly 6 months, then ds showed signs of being ready so I went for BLW. I expected it to be great, but I hated every second of it - the choking was just horrible to watch. We persevered, but at the same time his sleep was getting worse and worse and we thought solids might help (ha). So we moved onto spoon feeding, but by now he was used to three 'meals' so we gave him 3 spoonfed meals a day, but of pretty lumpy jars, or mashed up food - not puree. He ate masses and masses, so we thought he was hungry, but now his poor little tummy seems to be troubling him - he's constipated and it feels very hard, and I'm worried he may cut down his milk too soon.

So I don't know what to do next. Go back to puree and build up, carry on with mashed but try and give him less, or fewer meals, or go back to BLW, but then he probably won't eat anything at all compared to eating loads. I'm so worried I've hurt him, and just don't know what I'm doing. and ds bless him hasn't complained at all - rejected nothing, eaten everything whether as finger food or off a spoon and I'm just making his life confusing!

sorry for long post I just really want some kind advice

shonaspurtle Thu 13-Aug-09 13:50:31

Do you feel he's cut down on milk?

You say he's not complaining. Does that mean he doesn't seem bothered by the constipation or is he straining and uncomfortable?

I did find that ds's tummy got sore if I gave him too much mashed veg and lentils (which he loved and would eat loads of) or too much sweet potato so I limited those. He was probably eating roughly a yoghurt pot full of mashed food at that age.

Maybe you could give him what you feel is a reasonable portion of mashed food spoon fed so you feel happy he's eaten and then offer some finger foods in case he's still hungry and wants more. That way he's still getting to regulate his own intake.

I'm no expert though as I've only weaned one fairly easy going child so I hope you get other replies smile

shonaspurtle Thu 13-Aug-09 13:52:13

btw, when ds ate masses and masses of sweet potato I don't think it was because he was particularly starving - he just loved it and would stuff himself (and suffer later on).

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