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My 7 mo DS doesn't like solids. How can I encourage him and should I worry?

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EightiesChick Thu 13-Aug-09 10:30:48

I exclusively breastfed my DS till 6 months, when we started to try him with purees. He is not interested at all. Every time he is offered a spoonful of food, he makes a face as though he has been given cat poo to eat, and will take little if any at all. I've tried baby rice, some fruits and some veggies, all on their own or with a bit of breastmilk and/or baby rice added in. I've let him suck pieces of fruit like pineapple and apple and then he seems to like the taste but is mostly interested in playing with the pieces. Same with banana, which I gave him but he really just wanted to mash it up with his hands. Some may have got into his mouth by accident!

I am a bit worried now that he will be getting low on iron, and that in contrast to all the concern about people starting weaning too early, I have left it too late. He is still breastfeeding loads, and I don't want to cut this off yet but I do want to taper it down with a view to only doing a couple of feeds a day, especially as I'll be going back to work soon. Plus friends from my ante-natal group are all finding their babies are keen on mushy food, even the younger ones! All this is worrying me.

I'm seeing my HV next week but has anyone else experienced this complete lack of interest at this age? And is there anything I can do to get him more interested in solids? I have read a little about BLW but am a bit unsure about it, plus he hasn't seemed that interested even in the bits of fruit he's been offered.

genieg Thu 13-Aug-09 16:19:11

I have the almost the same problem with DS2 who's 7 months although mostly its spoon refusal. He will eat finger food but largely only bread/toast and rice cakes so I've been spreading my lovingly made purees on these. He also doesn't do bananas. DS1 was easy peasy and ate anything spoon or no spoon so I'm flummoxed.

Sorry not any help. Just logged on start a thread for finger food ideas but will watch your thread too!

CMOTdibbler Thu 13-Aug-09 16:23:19

Some babies just aren't interested in food till later - it's no problem, and he will still have plenty of iron going in from your breastmilk.

Why not just plonk something on his highchair tray when you are eating - share it with him, show how you enjoy picking it up and eating it- and let him get on with it.

PrincessToadstool Thu 13-Aug-09 16:24:32

My DS was not at all interested in 7 months. I did BLW so disregard this if you like but the slow approach did work for us. By about 10 months he was eating well with his hands and by 12 months he was fine with a spoon. So the long-term pay-off for us was never having a cold meal due to spoon-feeding DS first.

It does seem logical that the way to get him interested in food is to let him play with it, explore it's texture and not just focus on taste.

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