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Portion sizes - where can I find a guide?

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babyignoramus Wed 12-Aug-09 15:11:47

DS is 24 weeks and has been weaning since 18 weeks. I knew this was early but milk just didn't seem to be enough! I started with the baby rice, moved on to icecube sized portions of fruit and veg etc. Anyway, this week he has been very grizzly, fighting sleep and generally stroppy. After eliminating other things it turns out he is just still hungry and I'm having to give him top ups on his milk before each nap/bedtime.

He is currently having at least 25-35oz of formula a day, plus solids at lunch and tea. I know I need to be increasing his solids - ATM he is having 2-3 icecubes at lunch, plus about the same of baby rice at dinner. I just can't seem to find a guide for how much I should be increasing this by - everything I read jumps from the few teaspoons stage to having full meals!

Ta in advance

PrettyCandles Wed 12-Aug-09 15:14:51

Follow his appetite. If he wants more, then give it to him, but don't expect him to eat the same amount every day.

Whn my dd was 9m old, she was eating 2 to 3 times as much at every meal as her 3y old brother.

Apparently the average toddler eats 11 tablespoonsful of food a day.

Rebecca1971 Thu 13-Aug-09 21:52:15

I would graudally increase the portion size of solids and so long as no upset tummy follows, the little one can probabyl handle it. I think you need to be careful though that they don't eat so much solids that they won;t take enough milk. I have read that at this age they still need to have between 500 and 600ml of milk (Bf or formula).

babyignoramus Fri 14-Aug-09 13:04:57

Thanks both. I have increased him to 3 meals a day and started offerings solids only at lunch/dinner time with water. He's still having 3 bottles a day plus a top up after breakfast so I think we're ok!

Since I've tweaked his diet he's also dropped his 10pm feed and started to sleep right through until morning. smile

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