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A couple of quick questions re BLW urgent ish

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Theochris Mon 10-Aug-09 20:03:52

Hiya all, I have tried to get on Aitch's forum but I can't register at this time, will keep trying. In the meantime I need some advice pronto -ish. A bit of background, with pfb did usual Anabel Karmel type and it was fine, nearly 3 yr old is an enthusiastic eater. However I never puréed anything as I'm lazy, I just mashed and fed with spoon, mostly what we were having. Did it v gradually 1 new food every 4-5 days, started with one meal etc. Like my second ebf for 6 months.

So on my number 2 I feel bad cos I am even lazier now. 6 months rolls round and I have done no prep, bought no new books or really done any research other than 'BLW that looks low stress'.

Today at lunch two sticks of broccoli demolished, must have eaten some as I have seen it in the nappy. Offered carrot too but didn't want it. He loved it so much he almost head butted the table in excitement. Tea we were having salad so he had some cucumber sticks. Loved it so much he cried with frustration when they slipped from his hand

So quick questions, I think I may have done wrong, mostly he picked he food up himself from the table, but it was also held out for him to take from our hands (esp with the cucumber). Is this bad? ( I know not to put stuff in their mouths)

Should I offer him something at every one of our meals straight way?

Should I introduce different food gradually? It may be different with different foods but based on today he will be eating quite a bit not just tasting.

Should I stick to fruit and veg for a bit like regular weaning before introduction of cereals and proteins?

Sorry to be boring and lazy! I am trying to register on the BLW forum

Many thanks

CMOTdibbler Mon 10-Aug-09 20:12:32

Fine for them to take it from your hand, just don't put it in their mouth (as you know).

I'd offer something when you are eating it - especially as he seems so enthusiastic.

Unless you are concerned about allergies, you can just let him have anything apart from honey. Easy innit ?

FlamingoBingo Mon 10-Aug-09 20:14:32

IME, just give them bits of whatever you're eating whenever you're eating. Fine if he takes it out of your hand - just don't put it in his mouth, as you already know.

Theochris Mon 10-Aug-09 22:30:56

Thank you so much, for your help.

He can have some stuff when me and my toddler eat. I think he'll love it, he has been smacking his lips at the table for a few weeks now.

FlamingoBingo Mon 10-Aug-09 22:42:09

He will definitely love having what his big brother or sister is having! smile

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