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BLW - I've never heard of this before....pls explain

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MissShiraz Mon 10-Aug-09 16:18:15

DS is now trying to grab foods and is interested in when and what we eat.

I have been giving him purees for two weeks, he's 5 months next week.

But he seems he'd rather help himself.

DD is 5 and she was puree fed. I'd just be interested in the basics and why you've chosen to do it?

We go on holiday in 5 weeks to Rhodes and i've been wodering what to do with his weaning then, as i don't do jarred food or packets at all in this house!

Many thanks


titferbrains Tue 11-Aug-09 18:40:02

best do a search on blw on this site, there is tons of info. also look on babyledweaning website.

sounds like it will work for you, you basically give them bits of what you're eating and let them get on with it. Big bits that they can't handle will generally come out again. Is he sitting up on his own?

Don't give him any foods with added salt or sugar or honey. otherwise, the sky's the limit! I let my dd have salty food sometimes because she eats very little savoury foods but best to be quite careful about salt in general.

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