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How would you do it??

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shish Mon 10-Aug-09 12:38:41

I'm a bit confused how to do ds2's weaning, ie when/ what time of day to give first meals. His routine at the moment on milk is as follow: Wakes about 6.30/7am. Milk at following times (roughly): 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm then sleep. No routine as yet on daytime naps.

Ds1 (3 years old) has breakfast at 7.30/7.45am, lunch at 11.30 sometimes a snack in the afternoon, is he feels like it, and dinner at 5.30ish.

I was thikning of setting ds2's meal time the sasme as ds1's and just wait for him to reduce the milk by himself as he eats more solids. I don't want to constantky be feeding one of them. Ds1 can feed himself while I sit with him and feed ds2.

How would you do it???

Seona1973 Mon 10-Aug-09 12:43:00

that what I did - I slottted ds's food times when dd was already having hers which was around 8am, 12noon and 5pm

FlamingoBingo Mon 10-Aug-09 12:44:55

Um, just feed him when you eat? No confusion then!

It doesn't have to be as complicated as you're making it (and as many books etc. make it).

You ought to let the baby reduce the milk anyway - should be complementary foods, not replacement foods.

Do you not eat with your DS1 yourself?

shish Mon 10-Aug-09 13:46:15

We eat breakfast together. He is at nursery during the week and gets too tired to eat if we leave dinner too late. So it depends on what time dh gets in from work.

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