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BLW - can he really be ready?

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FrumpyPumpy Sun 09-Aug-09 21:33:40

DS is 19 weeks, and 18lb6. Sits supported but loves nothing more than standing up, tongue thrust reflex has gone, and today grabbed some lettuce from my plate and gummed/sucked it for a bit.

Is he ready for a steamed carrot stick tomorrow?! Seems awfully early, but Gill Rapley book not arrived from Amazon or the library yet. Was determined to wait until 26 weeks...

GirlsAreLoud Sun 09-Aug-09 21:35:19

I'm not much help other than to say I think they are supposed to be able to sit unaided.

AitchTwoOh Sun 09-Aug-09 21:36:06

it is early, but not outrageously so. i mean, you know, he probably could manage but what's the point really? what's to be gained, do you think?

ruddynorah Sun 09-Aug-09 21:37:16

he most likely won't be able to chew it and swallow it. you're waiting for the full ability to eat to kick in, not just pick stuff up and suck it..they do that with toys from early on!

FrumpyPumpy Sun 09-Aug-09 21:40:10

Not much in terms of nutrition I know. It did keep him occupied for a bit and he seemed quite happy. But yes, not much to be gained. And he's growing up soooo fast anyway.

PinkTulips Sun 09-Aug-09 21:42:16

if you want to give him food to play with there's probably no real harm... he won't get much in but like aitch said it's a lot of mess for no real purpose.

i know it's exciting waiting to wean and how impatient you can get but honestly... it's a pain in the arse scraping food of baby and table and floor several times a day... wait as long as you can!

<<< hijack... aitch, silly tongue tied ds2 can't blw as he can't move food in his mouth... i don't suppose you've come across anything similar through the blog? i'm stuck doing blimmin baby mush and it's driving me mad! >>>>

AitchTwoOh Sun 09-Aug-09 21:45:13

i think there have been a couple on the blog with tt, yes, but it's not a subject i know mych about. did you post on the forum?

i take it you've decided against getting it cut by now?

PinkTulips Mon 10-Aug-09 10:46:50

I didn't have it snipped as bf-ing was managable. But with the trouble with weaning i've gotton him a paeds referral to see what our options are now.

Will meander over to the forum now and see can track down any info.... spoon feeding mush is wrecking my head now grin

OP, sorry for the hijack smile

for the record btw, ds1 BLW at 21 weeks by snatching food from our plates and he gnawed on stuff most days after that but he only ingested a tiny fraction of what he was given until well after 6 months, so although it did him no harm and he enjoyed it i doubt he got any nutritional benefit from it

AitchTwoOh Mon 10-Aug-09 11:09:58

i know someone who's quite an expert on the subject, a bfing specialist midwife who does the snipping, if you email me i can put you two in touch, would that be helpful. aitch @ theblwwebsiteaddress. wink

PinkTulips Mon 10-Aug-09 11:30:05

thanks, have emailed smile

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