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Can someone tell me EXACTLY what to do and then someone else back it.....

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everyoneichooseisnotavaliable Sat 08-Aug-09 00:22:37

Hi, I have a 11 and a half month old baby boy. He is the happiest and easiest baby on earth. I am currently pregnant however and he has recently decided to stop sleeping during the daytime. He is sleeping from 6-6 and waking up at about 1am for a bottle. He also has a bottle at 6pm and a bit at 6am and a bit at about 9am. He has been a little grumpy since he decided not to have his sleep. He eats at breakfast, lunch and dinner yogurt, bread, whatever we eat vegs etc. rice....
What I would like is for him to sleep 7 to 7 instead, and have at least a sleep once a day, and not have any middle of the night milk. Can anyone give me a PLAN?

Shitemum Sat 08-Aug-09 01:30:56

He still needs a nap at that age.
You have to decide whether to 'enforce' a nap routine first or cut out the night milk first. Either way you may have to use CC.
Good luck.

pigleychez Sun 09-Aug-09 22:45:18

My DD is 12mths and sleeps 7.30 ish till 6ish.

She has a mid morning sleep and a mid afternoon nap too. Sometimes can miss the afternoon one if shes had a long sleep in the morning.

I would say he still needs a nap if hes grumpy.
Try putting him down in his cot after lunch. Sometime DD wont appear tired but once in the cot shes sparko!

Having the afternoon nap may help him stay up till 7pm.
I often found DD slept better during the night the more she had slept during the day.

Re the night feed- I dont think they really need the milk at this age as they eat enough during the day so prob just habbit.
We stopped DD's night feeds about 7mths as we found it was just habbit.We knew she could do it after a one off night sleeping through. We just started offering water instead of the Milk. It took a few unsettled nights but we did it. She then just pushed the water away and then didnt bother waking at all.

Every baby is different so best just try a few things and see what works best for you

MiniMarmite Mon 10-Aug-09 13:55:22

Agree with pigley about both sleep and feeds, if it were me I would attempt as follows:

Put down for nap after lunch then keep up until 7 even if grumpy. Perhaps try to do everything a bit later than normal and distract with something she enjoys. Maybe give an extra snack if dinner is going to be later than normal.

I would just keep repeating every day.

I found that The Baby Whisperer pick up put down method helped me with naps and dropping feeds. I tend to wake DS after a certain amount of time too so that we can keep similar timings each day (unless he is ill or teething)

My DS is the same age and has 15 minutes in the morning, 2 hours at lunch and then goes to bed at 7 but I think he needs more sleep than average for his age. I hope you manage to adjust yours to nearer what you want - and congratulations on your pregnancy smile

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