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LisamumtoJake Thu 06-Aug-09 10:47:04 son is 7 month, and weaning well, on 3 meals a day, fruit veg and what not. Now to start finger foods, im terrified he's going to choke, i have no idea how big to make things to give him, or the best things to start with. He's lactose intollerant, so i was thinking banana or something? Please help blush

TrinityRhinoIsInDetention Thu 06-Aug-09 10:49:01

just whatever he isn't allergic to

cut up into good sized bits he can hold in his hand

LisamumtoJake Thu 06-Aug-09 10:51:32

so not too small that he can stuff it all in his mouth but big enough to hold?!

MrsBadger Thu 06-Aug-09 11:08:55

a third to a half of a banana is a good size

HensMum Thu 06-Aug-09 11:19:21

With bananas, give them a squeeze and they break into three sections the perfect size for small hands and less slippy than if you cut them with a knife.

Ripe avocado or soft fruit like peaches or melon are really good first finger foods too.

You might need to experiment with the size and shape of the bits to see what your son prefers.

If you are worried about choking, do a first aid course so you know what to do. I did one and it really helped me to relax about the whole choking issue.

Hulla Thu 06-Aug-09 14:51:42

My dd enjoys:
-toast (which you can mush all kinds of things on to), -
cucumber sticks,
-steamed veg (baby corn, green beans & carrots v. popular broccoli, not so much).
-banana, mango, dried apricots (as of today!), peaches, melon & strawberries.
-rice cakes with philly
-pasta (fusilli works well)
-fish (but tricky to hold so she gets a bit of help with that one).

We're doing BLW and started about 2 weeks ago. We had a bit of gagging & coughing to start with but nothing this week.

Hulla Thu 06-Aug-09 14:54:36

Oh and apparently coughing and gagging is normal while they work out how to move food around their mouths but choking (which I believe is silent) isn't.

If dd coughs or gags I let her sort herself out and try to keep a neutral, panic-free face. She often finds it funny!

LisamumtoJake Thu 06-Aug-09 20:53:45

Thanks Ladies, i bought some bananas and cucumber today so i'll give that a go tomorrow.
I did a first aid course on my ante natal parenting classes, im quite sure that has made me worse lol

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