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3.5 months and starving - help!!!

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jintygeorge Mon 03-Aug-09 07:25:44

As I type this message I am listening to my DS wailing like a wounded animal and chewing relentlessly on his fingers and hands, despite the fact that I have already fed him three times this morning (it's just after 7am).

He's always been hungry and I have a good breast milk supply which I supplement with formula in the evenings. I've also started expressing in the evenings to up my milk further.

Against my better judgement I tried him on some baby rice yesterday which he loved. He is a very strong baby, and can hold his head up; he didn't seem to have any trouble swallowing either.

I don't want to wean him at 15 weeks but I am struggling with his distress which lasts all day. I also have a 2yr old DD and feeding DS more than I already do is not a realistic option!! HELP!!!

That sounds tough, but maybe he is just going through an extra growth spurt?

Is there anyone who could help you with your dd so you have more time to relax and feed?

Re the baby rice, remember that it has pretty much no nutrients or calories, wheras you milk is fat calorie and nutrient rich, perfect for filling him up.

I know it can be tough, but it is milk he need if he is hungry.

specialmagiclady Mon 03-Aug-09 07:31:11

Are you sure he's not teething? Mine started at this age - would explain chewing fists, agony etc. Try one of those water-filled teethers you refridgerate (sp?) and see if that helps.

Also try Teethas, homeopathic teething powders that worked on my DS1 (tho not DS2).

Are you using the most beefy formula you can when you're topping up?

Does he have anything else to suck eg. dummy or muslin etc? Does that stave him off or does he spit it out with disgust?

PS I found topping up was the beginnging of the end for me and BFing. Don't quite know how to prevent that, but my milk supply may not have been so plentiful as yours...

Also is it possible he has wind, or is tired rather than hungry?

My dd was like this, I think sometimes I overfed her, and then she seemed to find it very hard to settle.

Very good point re teething, both mine got their first tooth at 16 weeks.

jintygeorge Mon 03-Aug-09 07:53:41

Thanks so much for replying - my husband has wondered about teething so I'll try teethers etc. We'll plod on for another couple of weeks and see what happens - thank you!!!

TomThumbMum Mon 03-Aug-09 09:58:28

ds is 16 weeks, had a hellish week with growth spurt last week, fed constantly, chewing hands, dribbling, very unhappy little boy. it was suggested he is teething but dh is a dentist and ruled this out ( chewing, dribbling just a developmental stage - could be different for you tho of course). it lasted a week then suddenly my little smiler returned and we're back to 3 hour feeds. I thought my supply was low, we also do formula top up at bedtime feed. Did lots of reading on here, kellymom etc and realised that ds had increased to 3 filled nappies a day, sign he is getting plenty. I worried more top ups at this point would affect breastfeeding so retreated to bed for two afternoons. Good luck - it will soon be over. (sorry, feeding at mo hence short sentences!)

tiktok Mon 03-Aug-09 10:01:08

jinty - frequent feeding and chewing on hands is not a sign of being 'starving', but a sign of being 3.5 months old

Solids at this age add nothing - literally. They tend to replace breastmilk, which is far more nutritionaly approrpriate, so net calories gained could be nil, or even less than nil.

Baby rice can be spooned in, and babies can usually swallow it,but this is not a sign they need it or benefit from it. Feeding more often will give him the nutrition he needs without any of the risks as well as offering comfort from the irritation of teething.

Honestly....he really is too young

TomThumbMum Mon 03-Aug-09 10:02:44

just thought i'd add that ds has always been a milk monster and i say he'd feed all day if I let him. I tried really hard to get a bit of a routine so he gets a good feed every few hours and it works for us. I won't wean early as he's not showing any signs, certainly nowhere near sitting unaided. He is thriving on milk, good weight gain and wet,dirty nappies. If this sounds like you then no need for rice smile

jintygeorge Mon 03-Aug-09 10:05:46

I won't give baby rice again, and will stick with breast feeding... fingers crossed things get easier soon!!! thank you for all advice, I really appreciate it.

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