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Weaning advice at 6 months but NOT BLW

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fruitstick Sat 01-Aug-09 21:10:31

OK, I'm starting to wean DS2 who is nearly 6 months.

DS1 was weaned at 21 weeks (hungry bugger) and we spent a fair while on butternut squash puree and pear.

I can only find weaning plans that start at 4 months or the frightening number of BLW threads on here. What I want to know is ....

How often do I introduce new foods (every day?)

Do I still go through all the basic fruit and veg before introducing meat and dairy, even when he is over 6 months?

He's having a spoonful or 2 of solids at lunchtime, how soon do I introduce another mealtime i.e. do I wait until he is having a good amount at lunch or introduce a spoonful here and there?

When do I start cutting back his milk (he is ebf) or will he do this himself?

I'm sure I should know all this.

RuthChan Sun 02-Aug-09 09:44:17

Hi Fruitstick
Don't worry. Not everyone on MN does BLW!! The usual advice is to introduce new foods every 3 days or so and always one at a time. It's also best to bring them in early in the day so that any bad effects are less likely to start at night. Yes, you should start with fruit and veg first and introduce meat a bit later. I gave yoghurt and soft cheese from 6 months. I think I gave egg yolk from 7 months. You can introduce a second meal when he's ready. Probably at about 7months. 3 meals a day should be from 8 or 9. He will naturally reduce his milk intake so don't worry about that. Continue to offer it as you do now. He'll just start to drink for less time and will reject it when he's full. He still needs it for the liquid as much as for the nutrition.

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