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BLW Question - limited variety of foods ok?

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BrightShinySun Tue 28-Jul-09 08:25:52

We have been (kind of)BLW my 7mo for the last month after a couple of weeks of purees. She ate plenty of purees but it seemed crazy to be mushing up food when she enjoyed eating so much so we just started letting her join in with us.

Only thing is I get worried we're in a cycle of her eating the same foods everyday and whether she will ever be ok just eating up anything. DD1 is a very fussy eater and its hard work!

At the moment she has porridge or weetabix for breakfast, which we sort of spoon feed her although she joins in with the spoon holding! For lunch she has sandwhiches or crackerbreads, bits of cheese, peachs, banannas, baby biscuits, breadsticks - not all on the same day! For dinner I give her a bit of whatever we're eating but it always seems like she just ends up eating carrots, broccolli, potatoes and pasta. I do offer her other bits, she ate half a yorkshire pudding the other day and the top of a homemade chicken pie but she doesn't seem bothered about meat or anything?

I just keep thinking although I couldn't get DD1 off jars of pureed baby food until she was about 11mo which was a nightmare, the food that was in the jars was so varied and included meats, fish, all kinds of veg etc. Do you think it will get to a point where she will just pick up anything and try it? Also, I don't really give her a spoon at dinner time, should I be doing this? It seems as though if I do she just ends up chewing on the spoon and not actually eating anything! smile

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Tue 28-Jul-09 08:34:14

I wouldn't really worry too much about WHAT she eats at the moment, as long as you are offering her a variety of foods and tbh she does seem to be eating quite well! My DS is 12 months and is still not very fond of meat on it's own, it's a strange texture and taste to them! You say the jars are varied - they might look it on the label but they all TASTE the same.

Even if all she may eat now is carrots, broccolli, potatoes and pasta I promise in the next month or so she will decide you are trying to poison her if you give her carrots and that all she wants to eat is avocado and peaches.

As for the spoon, we followed loosely BLW but used a spoon by loading it up and then giving the spoon to him, so he got the spoon into his own mouth, he could do this from quite an early age but that might be because if he didn't he didn't get any of his favourite food - yogurt.

Tommy Tue 28-Jul-09 08:38:25

I woulnd't worry about it at all. She is still young to eat food anyway
I did BLW with DS3 after going the traditional route the DS1 and 2 and he (at 2.6) eats a far more varied diet than his big brothers even tnough his first meals were mostly bits of baguette and cucumber chunks hmm

BrightShinySun Tue 28-Jul-09 09:37:23

Haha Libra dd2 loves yogart to, we do the loaded spoon thing to, its hilarious to watch isn't it, you wouldnt think such a small amount of yogart could make such a huge mess! Unfortunately it always seems to make her quite sicky afterwards, I don't know if its anything to do with her reflux but I do try and limit it as it doesn't seem to agree with her so much.

Tommy thats reassuring to know, dd1 is SUCH hard work when it comes to eating, won't try anything new, even if she likes all the components of a dish she still won't eat it once its on her plate (e.g. sausage casserole, chicken pie etc) Would be lovely when dd2 is dd1's age to just be able to sit and eat a meal with her without her turning her nose up at everything!!grin

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