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Highchair dilemma with newborn and toddler combo - just started weaning !

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herbgarden Sun 26-Jul-09 20:38:55

Didn't really know where to post this.

Just started weaning no 2 - she's 6 months. She can't quite sit up but nearly.

I have a 3 year old who had a svan high chair which has now been deconstructed to make him a chair without sides which reaches the table for him.

no 2 is being fed in the bouncy chair at the moment.

If you've had a similar age gap - 6 months and 3 years (ds of 3 isn't that tall) then what did you do re seating ?

DS loves his chair (it's a bit like a stokke trip trap) and I'm reluctant to take it off him and put all the bits back.

Do I though try to do that and just get him some sort of booster seat or do I buy DD a cheap fold up high chair and by the time she's out of that no doubt DS will want to be in a big boys chair and she can have his??

I just don't want any unnecessary expense at tthe moment.

allaboutme Sun 26-Jul-09 20:42:06

i have 2 trip traps
ds1 is still on his at nearly 4 and didnt want to part him from it, so bought another
well worth it

SWLondonmum111 Sun 26-Jul-09 20:42:30

Buy an Ikea Antilop at £11 for DD - its about as cheap as you get, small and neat and fine at 6 months. If your DD can't sit up unaided you can splash out the further £3 for some blow up cushions to wedge her in. I love mine although I do not have the nice bit of furniture which you have!

sausagerolemodel Sun 26-Jul-09 20:49:51

I ditto the antilop suggestion. I just used extra blankets to pd it out when she was smaller(too much of a cheapskate to pay the extra three quid wink). Its brilliant. Wouldn't have anything bigger abd bulkier and less easy to clean to save myself now.

AitchTwoOh Sun 26-Jul-09 20:51:40

feedig in a bouncy chair is pretty dangerous i'd have thought, i agree with the antilop-lovers.

herbgarden Sun 26-Jul-09 20:53:15

The ikea chair sounds like a great idea - sort of what I was looking for. Can't really afford any large purchases at the moment so something just to tide me over would be great. I'm already finding sitting legs akimbo on the floor with her in front of me in her bouncy chair a bit uncomfortable the more she's eating and I also think getting her in a chair at the right height in the kitchen with me means it'll help her sitting up skills and so that I can start to give her bits of starter finger food......

Thank you !

herbgarden Sun 26-Jul-09 20:55:49

"pretty dangerous"? What ?!

AitchTwoOh Sun 26-Jul-09 20:58:06

definitely, you shouldn't be giving a baby food if it's lying back. absolutely a choke hazard.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 26-Jul-09 21:00:02

I have the same age gap and DD (7 months) is in the IKEA chair. DS has been sitting on one of our normal chairs since I was pg and nearly put my back out heaving him into the old high chair (which was nasty and covered in fabric).

I wouldn't feed a baby in a bouncy chair myself as they can't sit up and might choke.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 26-Jul-09 21:00:24

x-posts with Aitch

herbgarden Mon 27-Jul-09 09:16:17

God this irritates me. Please keep your opinions to yourself. I have not asked in my OP for a judgment on whether it's "dangerous" or not for my dd to be feeding in her bouncy chair. I'm not even going to justify it - she's safe full stop. I am not daft or naive or any other label you'd like to give me. All I asked for is a comment please on the combo of chairs you used if you had children similar age to mine and I have had some very sensible suggestions - I'm off to Ikea this morning to purchase said Antilop chair. Thanks

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Mon 27-Jul-09 09:18:37

I got the antilop to tide us over until I got round to buying a trip trap, DS is now 12 months and still using it as it's so fab and easy to clean.

TheNatty Mon 27-Jul-09 09:30:00

herbgarden dont worry about feeding in a bouncy chair.
its common practise around here, everyone i know uses a bouncy chair for the first month or so until baby can sit upright without slumping.

those ikea highchairs are good, they clean well too. no little creases and joins for food to be squashed into!

AitchTwoOh Mon 27-Jul-09 10:00:54

oh don't be so ill-mannered. hmm it's a choke risk, no matter how many people do it. plenty of people buy the sun.

OmicronPersei8 Mon 27-Jul-09 10:05:22

We used a bumbo on the table (under supervision) than a booster seat strapped to a chair.. still do, with the tray removed so DS can sit at table with us. Both chairs were/are borrowed from friends.

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Mon 27-Jul-09 10:08:37

Agree - it's a choking hazard and I would rather sit a baby on my lap and feed so that they are sat up than do it lying down.

And agree don't be so rude - it irritates me when someone asks for advice and when people give it bemoan what has been said.

theyoungvisiter Mon 27-Jul-09 10:12:38

the other option is a high-ish seat for your toddler - we have this one for DS1

something like this although there are other versions

But I'm not sure why you are being so defensive about the bouncy chair. If I was unwittingly doing something that might be a potential hazard to my child then I'd absolutely want to know about it and would be quite grateful to the person who pointed it out.

It's not rocket science - if their heads are tilted back then food is much more liable to trickle back down their throats and it is much more difficult for them to cough effectively.

Of course if you choose to do it anyway then that's your business, but there's no need to get cross because a potential hazard was pointed out.

herbgarden Mon 27-Jul-09 11:51:55

Sorry, still irritated. I am an intelligent sensible woman with two healthy and well cared for children. You have not seen my bouncy chair, nor how my child sits nor what they are eating - so please.......

AitchTwoOh Mon 27-Jul-09 12:05:56

so your response to the very low-key 'feeding in a bouncy chair is pretty dangerous i'd have thought, i agree with the antilop-lovers' then could have been 'oh it's not a normal lie-back bouncy chair, i'm not that much of an idiot'... grin

herbgarden Mon 27-Jul-09 15:41:21

I am now the proud owner of a lovely new Ikea Antilop chair complete with blow up cushion and tray table and DD seems to be quite enjoying herself in there grin. Thanks for the recommendation.

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