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14 month old boy will only eat jars of food

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teatank Fri 24-Jul-09 19:04:23

does anyone have a simalar problem. i have tried him on a variety of finger and home cooked foods but he just throws it around the room. will he eat it when hes ready or do i need to seak help. i am worried sick. i would appreciate any advice anyone had to give thankyou

AcademicMum Fri 24-Jul-09 23:16:42

Personally I'd just keep on offering alongside the purees and eventually he will take them. He's probably just not ready yet. He'll get there in the end. BTW how many teeth does he have? My ds2 is also 14 months and only has 4. In his case he just sucks food to death but I can imagine it might be frustrating for some children.

Feelingforty Sat 25-Jul-09 00:21:00

does he have favorites that you could make at home, like veggie lasagne ? you could try feeding him from a bowl - let him watch you pour the jar in the bowl, then once he is used to that, start adding (when he can't see) a cube of your homemade food, very well mixed in.

You could also try something like shreddies for breakfast, letting him eat them. My DD rarely let me feed her, prefering to feed herself.

teatank Sat 25-Jul-09 09:01:03

thanks both of you for your advice. he has only got 3 teeth so thats probably the reason. people are always comparing him to there children then i feel guilty cos hes so far behind.

MamaVoo Sat 25-Jul-09 16:07:51

My son was very attached to jars. I started off by putting home cooked food into washed out jars to trick him. He fell for it and began to develp a taste for home cooked. As Academicmum says, offer a different finger food alongside the jar at mealtimes, maybe eating some yourself. He will get curious about it eventually.

My son is 20mo now and I find that just as one food obstacle is solved another appears. At the moment he only likes dry food. As long as they seem happy and healthy though I am sure there is no need to worry.

teatank Sun 26-Jul-09 13:23:37

thanks mamavoo he is very healthy and very happy. i might try kidding him like you suggested. anythings worth a try. i dont blame him for refusing to eat my cooking even my partner does. am a terrable cook.

MollieO Sun 26-Jul-09 13:27:13

Ds was the same at that age. I was concerned as I wanted him to be eating my home cooked organic food rather than something out of a jar. His paed said it didn't matter so long as he was eating. He grew out of it and now at 5 he eats anything and everything.

teatank Sun 26-Jul-09 13:41:23

thats reassuring to know. :~)

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