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Help, how can i tell if baby is taking too much milk!

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sososnoop Fri 24-Jul-09 10:15:37

I've had to stop bf'ing my 22 week old girl as have had very over-active throid and had to have radioactive thingy. DD would previously only take about 150mls and took her ages, so i changed the teat on her bottle for a faster flow and will now take up to 230 at a time, she has been on solids for 4 weeks and her schedule is something like this

7.30 - 200
10.30 - 80ish
1.30 - 200/230 and 100gr solids
4.00 - 80/100
7.00 - 200/230 and 100gr solids

she suddenly seems a lot bigger, and am wondering if I am giving her too much milk, or if she should have as much as she wants, as at some feeds I get the feeling she would take more! Is general consensus that they stop drinking when full? having only bf before I don't know what she was taking!

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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