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Homecooked food vs jars?

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Hannahk Thu 23-Jul-09 18:34:35

Hi - just out of interest, as I have a passion for this topic - would any of you prefer to buy in fresh home cooked food rather than buying jars, if you were able to? I have started a survey and if you can, please take the time to complete it. Here's the link for you.

Hannah xx

mumblecrumble Thu 23-Jul-09 22:34:01

"Breast feeding is recc. up to the age of six months, but if like me, you have a hungry boy and he just won't wait, how do you find the time to give him healthy, nutritious and fresh meals. Weaning is an important part of a babies life and development, and whilst there are a number of good quality jarred foods avaliable, you can't beat the food that mama makes! I am conducting a survey to find out if there is a need for the sale of freshly prepared baby food for those with limited time or even cooking know how. Please take the time to complete my questionnaire, especially if you have children of your own. Your info is invaluable."

Are you asking about meals to gie kids under 6 months?

AcademicMum Thu 23-Jul-09 22:40:05

Limited time for cooking? What? It takes me not more than half an hour to prepare a fresh cooked meal every day. The dc's have always been given whatever we are eating as they have to get used to my cooking sometime grin.

Hannahk Fri 24-Jul-09 10:18:27

I am only asking, as I know several mums who would rather give jars than cook, for whatever reason. It is purely personal circumstances, and I am not doing this to judge anybody. And yes, I am enquiring on this subject from weaning age, which again, is a personal choice, keeping in mind the goverment reccomendations of course.

titferbrains Fri 24-Jul-09 10:50:51

Hannah do you have kids? there is nothing more depressing, soul destroying and frustrating than taking the time to prepare food for your child that they then flat out reject, chuck across the room, push away etc.

I couldn't stand it and so I only cook for dd if I really feel like it and so she mostly gets finger foods and ella's puree, because I know that's what she'll eat.

Hannahk Fri 24-Jul-09 11:34:01

HI - yes I do, I have an 8 month old, and I am blessed that he eats pretty much anything, apart from marmite - but I personally don't hold that against him! A friend of mine has real problems with her 12month old eating, and putting on weight, and she, from what I gather, feeds mainly jars. twice now,she has eaten my homemade food, which I freeze and get out when needed, and loved it. So I think there is something in that. I love cooking, and spending an afternoon cooking up batches of food is nothing to me, where as other people just could either not have the time, or the interest. Not everyone enbjoys cooking! Another reason I do this is that we think my son is intolerant to dairy, so I find it easier to do things this way.

Hannahk Fri 24-Jul-09 11:35:54

and I also think that food rejection can be avoided if you introduce different colure, texturs and flavours straight away in the weaning process. I like to think that is why my son likes everything? (so far anyway!)

AcademicMum Fri 24-Jul-09 11:50:37

Hannahk, with all due respect, I think that your view that food rejection can be avoided is a little naive. I have one son who eats everything he is given and always has done. i have another who just isn't all that into food. Both have been weaned in the same way, both introducing varieties of colours, textures, flavours but one is just a better eater than the other.

I also never use jars as neither ds would eat them, but I work 4 days per week and don't spend all day cooking up grand meals just for the children! When I get home I cook a fresh meal for the whole family every evening and we all sit down together at the table and eat the same meal together. This includes the youngest who is 14 months. Do other people not do that? It always seems a bit sad to me to prepare special food for the baby and feed him/her separately from the rest of the family.

Sorry, I know that this probably comes across as rather negative, it is just that the idea that babies need specially prepared food is a bit baffling to me.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 24-Jul-09 12:02:55

DS just eats the same things as we do, has done from 6 months when we started weaning him.

I also think you are being naive about food rejection. I have a 12 month old who eats everything that is put in front of him, but I am neither naive or smug enough to think that it's all down to how I've weaned him!

We did use Plum Baby food pots for convenience when out and about or staying with friends where we couldn't control the menu.

I can see why you might perceive a gap in the market, but I think that in general parents who value homecooked food are in general going to be making their own. Parents who currently use mainly jars like the convenience aspect of not needing to keep the food frozen/cool, and being able to take the food out with them with minimum fuss.
Sorry to appear negative, but I think there is a danger that you may fall between two stools.

Hannahk Fri 24-Jul-09 12:51:46

Yes, you are all being quite negative, and as I have said before, it is all down to personal choice and circumstance, and no, I do not think I have the monopoly on weaning and that the way I have done it is better than anyone else. I only started this topic for opinions and not for a personal jusgement on my naiveity. But thank you for your views....

tiktok Fri 24-Jul-09 13:04:31

I think it's a reasonable question, Hannah - do mothers like home-cooked food enough to pay someone else to do the home cooking?

I think if you are going to do a market survey to try to find out if this is a viable business proposition, it's best to say this upfront. Then people will prob be more willing to fill in the survey (which you should write as a linkable URL, not something people have to copy and paste).

You also need to change your copy about 'babies who won't wait' and by implication 'need' solids sooner....that will just irritate some people.

Hope this helps and you get some useful surveys.

AcademicMum Fri 24-Jul-09 13:28:43

Hannahk, you asked the question, I am afraid. Not everybody will agree with you and that should be fine (it would be a boring old world if we all agreed the whole time). You asked for opinions, you received opinions, I think it is a bit rich to then get sniffy if not all those opinions match with your own.

Hannahk Fri 24-Jul-09 14:05:34

Thank you for your positive notes tiktok, and academicmum, I am not being 'sniffy' as you put it, I am purley stating it was a an ask for opinions on the subject matter, and not my personal way of doing things. I shall part with you all now on that note in favour of people who want to answer my survey in the manner in which it wans intended.

mumblecrumble Sat 25-Jul-09 08:03:35

Hi hannahk

Am doing your survey now.... is it still live?

Sorry didn;t mean o cause contraversy, was just maing sure I got the question right!

Isuppose the main issue with homecooked food baught in [cos I have considered making and selling this myself] is health and safety [or at least the purceived halth and safety] of somebody cooking at home. Also preserving and transporting food.....

But surely it must be a gap in the market....? Are you thinking of doing something like this?

DOn; part with us!!!

littleducks Sat 25-Jul-09 08:21:38

If you were going to go ahead with this you have to realise that you cant make comments like 'just cant wait' re weaning, as a mum that is fine but as a baby food 'maufacturer' however small scale its not on

I have seen so baby and babylicious but they did seem £££, i didn blw so had no need for jars i did buy the odd cook toddler meal fish pie for eg for my kids (now 3 and 1) to share, honestly i dont think that there is a gap iin the market just google 'frozan baby food' and you'll see lots of competition but obv you might have a unique selling point

mumblecrumble Sat 25-Jul-09 21:32:39

I have no knowledge so you're prob right. I suppose I was lucky as dd will eat any old stuff I put in front of year

peppapighastakenovermylife Mon 27-Jul-09 19:57:00

It is my great embarrassment that despite being a researcher in the area of breastfeeding and weaning, doing the home cooking thing, reading constantly about the benefits, holding bluffing academic conversations about the importance of home cooked foods, variety, texture DS is such a picky eater blush

I see where you are coming from Hannah - sometimes I would love a home cooked meal that someone else had made. Perhaps there is more of a market for home delivery healthy home cooked meals which families can then share with the baby. Working god knows how many hours a week and having two young children I really wish I could ring someone up and ask for that!

Hannahk Wed 29-Jul-09 21:34:47

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Click here to take our Online Survey


Hannahk Wed 29-Jul-09 21:36:23

cheesesarnie Wed 29-Jul-09 21:52:13

dd and ds1 were weaned on jars as i wasnt brave enough to cook for them until i realised that if i didnt learn quickly-theyd be eating jars till they were 16grin

ds2 had all homecooked food.hes veggie and suffered from cows milk intolerance, i wanted to know excatly what he was getting and from wasnt hard,i cooked batches of foods with him strapped to my back and froze it all till we needed not a great cook but he did well!and hes happy,healthy and not at all fussy-mind you he has a bit of a thing for tomato sauce atmgrin

but no i wouldnt buy a home cooked meal someone else had made.if its so cheap and easy-why would i?

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