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Weaning & BFing routine

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Adashaw Sat 21-May-05 20:04:04

Hi all!

I need some advice for a good routine on the weaning nightmare! DD is 7 months now, I started weaning her at about 5 months, and she was sleeping 12hrs, enjoying her food and being generally a happy bub.

Now it just doesn't seem to work - she is having 3 meals a day and 4 ++ feeds, the routine I have (give or take 1/2 hr or so)

6/7am - BF (depends when she wakes up)
9am - breakfast (normally pureed fruit)
11am BF then nap
1pm Lunch (normally meat or fish & veg puree)
3pm BF then nap
5pm Dinner (normally veg puree)
7pm BF and sleep

She has recently started waking up at about 11-11.30pm and refuses any kind of comforting except breast and is sometimes waking at 4/5am for another feed.

I amount of food I am giving is one of the weaning cubes you can buy for freezing at each meal, I was giving her 2 but she seem to cry alot when put on her back and my mum thought that perhaps I was giving her too much food as I had also noticed dd was farting a bit and she suggested dropping a BF, which I am not really keen on doing, so I cut the food. I am wondering if her being fed every 2hrs is too often? Though the sudden waking during the night and the fact she does seem hungry after meal (have started giving finger food after lunch, but it normally ends up on the floor) seems to indicate that she is hungry??!! I know that she has been teething, but it hasn't seemed to effected her that much in the last couple of weeks.

Must say I seem to spend the whole day dealing with one kind of feed or another!

Any advice would be fantastic


Saacsmum Sat 21-May-05 22:53:08

Hi I dont know if I can be of much help. My ds is 8mths old and eats about a cup of food a day. Most of this is at breakfast when he will eat about 3/4 cup rice and pear. His other two meals he just isnt that interested in. He still has about 4/5 bf during the day. He goes to bed at 6.45 and wakes at least once sometimes three times wanting to be fed until morning. I have been stressing that I am giving him too many bf and therefore he is uninterested in solids and that I am encouraging the waking by feeding etc but have decided just to go with the flow and be led by him and what he needs. I encourage him to go back to sleep on his own but if he really wants a bf I give it to him. I keep offering the solids and try not to get too stressed at his lack of interest.

Adashaw Wed 25-May-05 23:13:34

Hey Saacsmum

Am still none the wiser and now the teething has really kicked in so bang goes the sleep!

HV was round for the 7 month check and reckoned on dd eating the amout a jar would provide each meal, which seems like a lot, though dd is gobbling it down - but wasn't really helpful on the bf inbetween meals, only said as long as she is getting at least a pint a day.

Cheers all the same

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