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DD (6 months) refusing to eat!

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iwouldgoouttonight Wed 22-Jul-09 09:55:38

I started trying to wean DD a week ago when she turned six months and in the whole week she hasn't put a single item of food in her mouth! I've been giving her some finger foods and some pureed veg, fruit and baby rice but she just refuses to open her mouth! She quite happily puts toys into her mouth and licks them for ages, but finger foods seem to go towards her mouth and are then thrown on the floor! I've tried at different times of the day as I thought maybe she wasn't hungry (or was too hungry and just wanted milk!) but she's now started to actually suck her lips in so her mouth won't open at all!

I'm not too worried yet as its only been a week so I'll just keep offering different things and see what happens, but after thinking I was doing the right thing by waiting until six months I now keep reading that they should be weaned between four and six months so that up to six months they are playing with food and getting used to it and by six months they are eating it properly. So now worried I've missed the window and she's too used to milk and not bothered by food!

I've already got a DS and I weaned him at six months and he went for it straight away - he ate everything I offered him, so I'd (foolishly) assumed it would be the same for DD!

Marthasmama Wed 22-Jul-09 10:02:16

Don't worry, you did the right thing waiting until 6 months. The advice to wean between 4-6 months is out of date now. Have you heard of baby led weaning? It might suit your dd, girls can be more independent than boys! It's something you could try as it lets your baby take the lead. Plus it encourages you to eat as a family which will also help dd to get the idea.

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